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Birth Story - Natalie and baby Jesse

Natalie is a first time mum who gave birth to baby Jesse via unplanned c-section at her local hospital. She used everything she had learnt from the Digital Pack to calmly navigate the change to her birth preferences and felt informed and able to make the right decisions at each stage. She remained calm and focussed and worked together with her boyfriend to use her hypnobirthing tools and have a very positive experience. Read her positive birth story here…

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Birth Story - Charlotte and baby Primrose

Charlotte is a first time mum who had an unplanned c-section after she discovered her baby was breech 26 hours in to her labour. She used all the tools she had learnt from the digital pack to remain calm and to make informed decisions and she navigated her birth and the change of plan with complete confidence. Here’s her amazing positive birth story…

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