The world's most affordable and accessible hypnobirthing program. 

The Positive Birth Company hypnobirthing program is designed to empower women and their birth partners to create positive birth experiences, because birth matters and a positive birth experience offers lifelong benefits for Mum, baby and families. The Digital Pack is The Positive Birth Company's online program and part of our mission to make hypnobirthing more accessible for all, because every woman deserves the best birth possible. 

online Hypnobirthing Course


  • 6+ hours of video content (43 individual videos)

  • Closed Caption subtitles (option to switch on / off)

  • 8x MP3s to download (option to have background music or voice-only)

  • A course notes booklet in PDF format to download

  • A fully editable birth preferences template to download and complete

  • A sample copy of completed birth preferences to use for reference

  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and daily positive birth stories

  • Regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company and creator of the Digital Pack

  • A fully comprehensive Infant Feeding Guide from Little Peach London (covering breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and pumping)


The course is a fully comprehensive hypnobirthing antenatal course. The 43 videos have been divided into different sections with each section covering a different topic. For example, one section covers the science behind hypnobirthing; the physiology of birth, how the uterus muscles work, the hormones produced etc. Another section covers relaxation techniques. Another covers interventions including induction and cesarean birth and how you can make all births a positive experience. Another section covers the stages of natural labour in detail, including the third stage so you're fully informed about the benefits of skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping and what active management means and why you might opt for it. 

NEW: You also have the option to switch on closed caption subtitles on all 43 videos.

The MP3s which include guided meditations, positive affirmations and breathing practice are for regular listening. You have the option to download with background music or voice-only depending on preference. The course notes booklet is for your reference throughout but has been created with birth partners in mind. It includes a comprehensive birth bag packing list and practice schedule. The birth preferences template should be filled out once you have watched all the videos and completed the course, then given to those who will be supporting you in birth. The template is fully editable and can be completed online but there is also the option to download and complete by hand if you prefer.

You also have access to a private Facebook group - a community of women who have previously completed a hypnobirthing course with The Positive Birth Company. The group is a place you can go for ongoing support and to read all the amazing and inspiring birth stories that you'll find there. 

NEW: Within the private community there will now be regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company and creator of the Digital Pack. This is your opportunity to ask her all of your questions!

NEW: We have also added a fully comprehensive Infant Feeding Guide created by Little Peach London, covering breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and pumping.


The Positive Birth Company is on a mission to make hypnobirthing more accessible, because we passionately believe that every woman deserves access to this education and the tools to achieve the best birth possible. We understand the benefits of a positive birth and believe it is possible to make the experience a positive one however baby is born. Ultimately we believe that birth matters and we want to help more women around the world have better births. This is our goal: to change the world, one birth at a time. The Positive Birth Company Digital Pack has been created as part of that mission. 

We know there are lots of barriers that prohibit women from accessing hypnobirthing classes including cost, location, time, childcare to name but a few. We believe the Digital Pack removes these barriers by being affordable and accessible wherever you are* and whenever you are free. You can binge watch the videos, or watch just one an evening if you prefer a bitesize approach to learning. The choice is completely yours and you are free to progress through the course in the way that best suits you.

*so long as you have wifi


This question is asked a lot. The easy answer is YES: If you are growing a baby in your uterus, hypnobirthing is for you.

It doesn't matter how your baby is going to make an appearance, or when or with what help. It doesn't matter if you're planning a home water birth or an induction in hospital. What matters is that you are fully informed and feeling confident, armed with practical tools to help you remain calm and relaxed throughout and empowered to make the right decisions for you and your baby. It matters that for the rest of your life, when you reflect on your birth, you remember it as an incredible and empowering experience, rather than a traumatic one. Hypnobirthing will help with that. There is no scenario where what you have learnt won't help you.


Far too many women suffer through their pregnancy feeling frightened and anxious. We promise that by the time you complete this course you will feel more positive, confident, relaxed and even excited about giving birth! That's why we are able to offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you buy the course and you don't find it helpful, just get in touch within 14 days and we will refund you in full*. That's how much we believe in this Digital Pack. You have quite literally nothing to lose! So, what are you waiting for?? Give it a go by clicking on the BUTTON below...

*To qualify for a full refund you need to have watched less than 20% of the content and have submitted your request within 14 days of purchase.


Accessing the course

Once you have purchased the Digital Pack and created an account for yourself, you will be sent a confirmation email which contains the link you need to login so you can access the course whenever you want. Alternatively you can login with your account details by clicking on the button below. Or if you have an iPhone or iPad you can download the iOS teachable app for free and access the course that way. You will still need to purchase the Digital Pack and create an account before being able to access the course content within the app.