The Positive Birth Company’s Postpartum Pack includes a series of seven video workshops, delivered by seven of the UK’s leading experts, covering everything you need to know for the early days, weeks and months of life with a newborn baby. The Postpartum Pack will equip you with the expert knowledge, practical tools and support you need to navigate the fourth trimester (and beyond!) feeling calm, confident and capable, ensuring a positive postnatal period.

They say it takes a village - we are The Positive Birth Company and we are your (virtual) village.

Whatever time of day or night, we are here for you…


  • 7x in-depth video workshops:

    • The Early Days and Weeks for Mum & Baby - led by Consultant Midwife, Natalie Carter.

    • Infant Feeding (breast and bottle) - led by Breastfeeding Practitioner, May Langan.

    • Infant Sleeping - led by Sleep Consultant and founder of the Care It Out approach, Kerry Secker.

    • Maternal Mental Health - led by Psychotherapist, Writer and Speaker, Anna Mathur.

    • Physical Recovery (vaginal and cesarean) - led by Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Helen Keeble.

    • Navigating Relationship Challenges - led by Relationship Expert, Life Coach, best-selling Author and TV Presenter, Anna Williamson.

    • Yoga & Wellbeing Workshop - led by Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Keri Lincoln.

  • A Guided Relaxation MP3 to download for new motherhood.

  • Supporting PDF documents to download for additional information and links to further resources.

  • A comprehensive Postpartum Checklist.

  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support, advice and reassurance.


The Postpartum Pack is a fully comprehensive guide to the fourth trimester, and beyond. Each of the seven workshops have been split into shorter bitesize videos making it easy to work your way through the course at a pace that suits. Each video within a workshop covers a different topic…

‘The Early Days & Weeks for Mum and Baby’ with Consultant Midwife, Natalie Carter:

  • The Fourth Trimester

  • The Hours Following Birth

  • Health Professionals and Check Ups

  • Your Recovery

  • The Healing Process

  • Sex After Birth

  • DVT & Blood Clotting Medication

  • Your Baby's Health and Checks

  • Cord Care and Bathing

  • Comforting your baby and Swaddling

  • Screenings and Vaccinations

‘Infant Feeding’ with Breastfeeding Practitioner, May Langan

  • The Science Behind Breastmilk

  • All About The Latch

  • A Good Latch

  • Latch Techniques To Try

  • Positioning Baby For A Feed

  • Expressing Milk

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Common Breastfeeding Issues

  • Tongue Tie

  • People Interfering

  • Feeding In Public

  • Banishing Guilt

  • Skin to Skin Benefits

‘Infant Sleeping’ with Sleep Consultant, Kerry Secker

  • Starting a Bedtime Routine

  • Newborns are Naturally Nocturnal

  • Waking at night is normal

  • Baby Naps

  • The Fourth Trimester

  • Safe Sleep Guidelines

‘Maternal Mental Health’ with Psychotherapist, Anna Mathur

  • The Supermum Myth

  • Common Struggles

  • Coping with Exhaustion

  • The Baby Blues

  • Postnatal Anxiety

  • Birth Trauma and PND

  • Boosting Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Self Care

‘Physical Recovery’ with Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Helen Keeble

  • Cesarean Birth Recovery

  • Vaginal Birth Recovery

  • The Pelvic Floor

  • Incontinence and Prolapse

  • Diastasis

  • Breathing For Healing

  • Returning to Exercise

  • Seeking Help From A Women's Physio

‘Navigating Relationship Challenges’ with Life Coach & Relationship Expert, Anna Williamson

  • Resentment

  • Having No Time for Each Other

  • Sharing The Load

  • Competitive Tiredness

  • Improving Communication

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Family Visits

‘Yoga & Wellbeing Workshop’ with Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Keri Lincoln

  • Move Part 1

  • Move Part 2

  • Flow Sequence

  • Cool Down

  • Guided Relaxation

You also have access to a private Facebook group - a community of women who have recently had a baby. The group is a place you can go to connect with others going through similar experiences, for ongoing support and reassurance. It’s a place of no judgement.


The Postpartum Pack costs just £39 and can be completed on any device, from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

The Positive Birth Company is on a mission to make antenatal and postnatal education more accessible for all, because we passionately believe that every woman deserves equal access to the knowledge, practical tools and support needed for early motherhood.


The Postpartum Pack is a primarily designed to be a comprehensive guide to the early days, weeks and months - the period commonly referred to as the fourth trimester. However many of the tools you will learn are tools for life and will benefit you far beyond the initial few months.


If you purchase the pack when pregnant, there is nothing stopping you getting started right away! In fact you’ll probably feel a lot more prepared for the postnatal period if you have done this. And you can always rewatch the videos if you wish to after your baby has been born.


We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the Postpartum Pack and have watched less than 20% of the content, then please contact us within the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose by giving it a go!



Once you have purchased the Postpartum Pack and created an account for yourself, you will be sent a confirmation email which contains the link you need to login so you can access the course whenever you want. Alternatively you can login with your account details by clicking on the button below.