“How do I access the free MP3 download?”

At the very bottom of our homepage (scroll all the way down), you will find a subscribe box for our email newsletter. When you sign up, you will receive a free positive affirmations MP3 to help you feel calm and confident as you prepare for the birth of your baby. The MP3 download will be sent automatically, 24 hours after you sign up. If you haven’t received it after this time, double check your spam folder. You can opt out of our emails at any time.

“I’m not sure whether to book a weekend course or download the digital pack, is there a big difference?”

Both the in-person weekend course and the digital pack offer a fully comprehensive hypnobirthing antenatal programme. The main difference is that if you attend the weekend course, you will also receive ongoing follow-up support from The Positive Birth Company founder, Siobhan, who will be on hand to answer your queries via email, or where necessary, arrange a time to talk on the phone. Course attendees will also receive a goodie bag and benefit from being able to clarify certain points or ask questions in real time, which for some couples is very important. With the digital pack, you have the freedom to complete the course in your own time, wherever you like. 

Digital Pack

“When should I start the course?”

There is no hard and fast rule about the best time to start the digital pack and, as you have access for a full twelve months, you will be able to revisit the material as often as you like. Don’t worry if you find us late in your pregnancy, either - it’s never too late to get stuck in! We’ve had mums-to-be start the course at 40 weeks pregnant and still find it really beneficial in helping them prepare for a positive birth. 

“Is it worth me doing the digital pack if I’m having a planned C-section?”

YES! The digital pack is designed to make all births better. The course includes information on gentle caesareans and many of our mums have fed back that the breathing and relaxation techniques greatly helped with preparing for C-sections – both scheduled and unplanned!

“I purchased the digital pack but haven’t received a confirmation email / I can’t log in.”

Often when no confirmation email is received it’s because payment didn’t go through successfully or the email address used to register for the course had an error in it (hootmail.com, .co.yk and so on!). Don’t worry, though, we can get to the bottom of it. Email hello@thepositivebirthcompany.co.uk with your name and the date you signed up and we’ll do a bit of investigating for you. 

I’ve purchased the digital pack and now want to join the private Facebook group – where can I find it?

Login to the digital pack and scroll right down to the very bottom of the class curriculum, where you will find a link to the private Facebook group, including the access passcode. Your request to join will be approved within 24 hours. 

I’m having trouble downloading the MP3s, can you help?

The easiest way to download the MP3s is on a laptop or desktop - hit the download button and they will download automatically. If have iTunes, you can then drop the files into iTunes and sync to your phone that way. 

If you wish to download directly to your phone, you'll need to use a third-party app such as Dropbox (which is free). Hold the download button down (rather than fully clicking it) and your phone should bring up options of where to save/share to. You can find lots of tutorials online for downloading MP3s from the internet which will be custom for your device.

“If I don’t like the digital pack, can I get my money back?”
Yes. If you contact us within 14 days of purchasing the pack, we will issue you with a full refund. We will ask you for your feedback to help inform any future improvements we make to the course.


“Is there an android version of the app?”

Not at the moment, though it’s something we’re working on this year. We are currently collating feedback from the IOS app and want to make sure we implement all those tweaks before building the android equivalent. These things take time so we can’t give a definite android release date just yet but will of course update social media as soon as there is any news.