Birth story - Claire and baby Elise


I found the positive company digital pack when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. Liked the concept and wanted to use it for a MLU birth. Within a couple of weeks I had finished the course and was writing my birth preferences with my husband. Quickly realised I wanted as much control of my environment and experience as possible so we both agreed a home birth was the right decision for us.

I had been classed as high risk, because of a BMI of 31 and my beliefs about the use of blood products. I did A LOT of research and satisfied myself that my individual risk factors were low for postpartum hemorrhage , I was otherwise healthy and assuming I had a straight forward pregnancy- I would persist with my home birth. Pregnancy went along with no issues at all- my biggest problem was lack of support/ encouragement from professionals with the home birth. Throughout it was clear that even if I had opted for a Midwife led unit birth there would still have been the ‘threat’ that they could change their mind. I just didn’t want that uncertainty and stress so I’m so glad I made my home birth decision.

So was due on the 17th September and had no signs whatsoever. I had a midwife appt on the 20th all well but still nothing. I fell and sprained my ankle outside the surgery so thought this is the worst time to go into labour whilst I can’t walk so was hoping for another few days!

Randomly lost my plug on the 21st but still nothing else and ankle still hurting.

On the 22nd I woke up and decided this would be a good day to go into labour! house was tidy, hubby was full of energy and I was feeling really positive! My ankle had eased a bit as well! So after lunch I started sniffing clary sage and had a little party to myself in the living room whilst hubby was out with the dog. No prosecco alas, but I did do some salsa dancing for about an hour 3-4pm. By 5pm I told hubby I think we need to start timing contractions....

By 6:30 they were every 4-5 minutes so we called labour ward to let them know and I had a bath. Bath was horrible and made me feel worse! Got out and just paced around my house. I didn’t really believe this was it but my hubby was vigilant with the timer so I went with it. Ate some fruit while hubby got everything set up for the home birth. Called midwife again at about 8pm to say things were progressing. She arrived about 9pm. Up to this point I was managing with up breathing (hypnobirthing). I got the tens machine on which was amazing and hubby started filling the pool. Midwife offered a VE but I refused. I spent most of this bit on the toilet- was comfy and I could relax and let water/ wee dribble out without thinking about it! By midnight I was ready for the pool so got in and then kinda zoned out. From about 1am I only really remember dozing and waking with surges, hanging onto my hubby and listening to him comfort me with affirmations. These were stuck on the wall in eye sight of me in the pool as well. Had gas and air but not really sure how much this did for me but I kept it up right the way through the night. About 7am I was aware that more midwives were arriving and hearing them say we were nearly there. This gave me a boost and I really focussed on being productive with surges and conserving my energy. I used down breathing, listened to my hubby and kept reminding myself of my positive affirmations. I had refused all vaginal examinations so really nobody knew how it was going until they could actually start to see the baby’s head! Eventually she arrived at 9:36am! The midwives has not laid a finger on me at all other than checking baby heart beat and my pulse periodically. They also didn’t speak to me as per my preferences, unless I spoke to them- my hubby was really good at keeping me in my bubble with him. No tears and immediate breast feeding with baby. Delayed cord clamping for about 15 mins and placenta came naturally just over an hour later.

I’m so pleased I managed my home birth exactly as I wanted it and now I feel like superwoman! Just want to tell everyone all about it!! My husband was amazing as well and it’s all down to the PBC digital pack. I can’t believe I would have managed the way we did without the knowledge.

Baby is perfect and weighed 8lb 4oz, named Elise and doing perfectly. She is so content and I honestly put this entirely down to our birth experience.


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