Birth Story - Kristel and baby Thomas

I discovered your course at just the right time for us; We had attended an antenatal course which we had found helpful, but I knew that I needed more as I still felt very anxious about birth. I didn’t know anyone with a positive birth story, so felt it was inevitable that we would also have a difficult time. However, we wanted to do everything we could to feel more optimistic about how our birth could be.

I purchased the digital course during week 36, which my husband and I really enjoyed. I listened to the positive affirmations at least once a day and also read positive birth stories and watched positive birth films. Our baby, Thomas, then made a surprise early appearance during week 37! Thankfully, I had ‘binge watched’ the course and my husband had also watched much of it (but not all, as that was the plan for the weekend baby decided to arrive!)

On 14th April 2018, my waters broke at 06:55, at this point, I was having no obvious contractions/surges. Once they did start, I used the ‘up breathing’ to good effect. During the 30 minute journey to hospital, the surges went to 2 minute apart and I continued to use up breathing with eyes closed and I was in my own little bubble. Knowing that the surge would pass after 4 to 5 in/out breath cycles made me feel in control (my natural tendency would’ve been to panic).

On arrival at the birth centre at 09:00hrs I was examined and found to be 9cm dilated; the midwife was surprised that I had got this far so calmly (as were we!). Our plan was for a water birth and they started filling the pool, but Thomas was in too much of a hurry to make his appearance! Our plan for pain relief was breathing techniques and water first and then other methods if the water stopped working. Again, this is a point at which the ‘usual me’ would’ve panicked, as the pool was no longer an option, but my husband calmly helped me to focus on the up breathing and gave support and encouragement throughout. I was offered gas and air, but didn’t end up needing it as the up breathing was enough for me to feel in control.

The two affirmations that really helped me through were:
“My surges cannot be stronger than me, because they are me” and “my birth partner is by my side and on my side”.

Our midwife commented on what a collaborative birth we had and this was possible because my husband found a clear role in ensuring that I focused on up breathing throughout and was a true partner in the birth of our son.

Your course helped me develop a very different, positive, outlook and gave us both the knowledge and skills to manage labour; We cannot thank you enough for this. It was such a calm and beautiful birth and I still can’t really believe we did it!


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