Birth story - Stacey and baby Milo


My positive birth story is a bit of a long one and one I was definitely not expecting but using the digital pack gave me confidence in all my decisions and helped me remain calm and relaxed when things took a very different path to the birth I had planned. I was due on 4th September and my due date came and went. I stayed relaxed and spent the days that followed enjoying time with my family before we became a family of four. I did agree to three sweeps to see if this would help things get started (this had worked with my daughters birth previously) but my little one was obviously far too comfortable and not ready to meet us yet.

I agreed to an induction 12 days over - I was initially a little anxious about this but it was nice being able to explain to my three year old that we would be meeting her baby brother or sister soon (even if I did get a bit emotional dropping her off at her grandparents). We got to the hospital and had a really lovely midwife looking after us who put my mind at rest about everything. At 10:30 I was given the pessary and spent the rest of the morning taking lots of walks around the hospital grounds with my partner to get things moving. By around 4 in the afternoon I'd started to feel the surges starting. We sat in the tv room while I bounced on the birthing ball and even video called our family to let them know things were happening - it was really nice to see my little girl happy and excited to meet the baby.

As the surges became stronger and more regular I took the birthing ball to my area on the ward, shut the curtains, sprayed my room spray, laid out my positive affirmation cards and put on my headphones with a calming playlist I had made. I honestly look back at this time really fondly - I was so relaxed and didn't feel like I was at hospital. I began to use up breathing to breathe through the surges and my partner began rubbing my back and reading me my affirmations. After taking a bath I decided it was time to let the midwife know that the surges were becoming more and more regular. She examined me and I was already 5cm. I knew this meant we would be moving up to the Labour ward. After checking my notes and speaking to the consultant the midwife looking after me said she'd spoken to the birthing centre and even though I was an induction - because I was still low risk - if I wanted to I could go to the birthing centre. I was completely knocked back by this as its not something the hospital normally does and I was so excited to get the opportunity to birth where I had originally planned to - I will forever be grateful to that amazing midwife for giving me that chance and for not just sticking to the normal procedures.

At around 9 o'clock we moved to the birthing centre and as soon as the pool was ready I got in. I had gas and air but I actually found the up breathing more helpful so relied more on that. After changing positions several times over the next 4-5 hours and moving out of the pool and around the room it became obvious that I wasn't going push this baby out myself. I used my up breathing to remain as calm as I could as I was moved up to the Labour ward and assessed by one of the consultants. She told me that my baby's head was stuck sideways so I agreed to go to the theatre where they would try to turn the baby and deliver with forceps - failing this I would have a c section.

The next few moments were a bit of a blur but I went on to have the c section... My up breathing really helped me to stay calm at this point and I remember feeling so relaxed and excited to meet my baby.

At 4:22 am my son was born - when the curtain was lowered and I saw him for the first time I was overwhelmed with emotion and really couldn't have cared less that I didn't get the water birth I had planned for. I had a healthy son and that's all that mattered! I will forever be grateful for all the amazing people that looked after us and feel that everything I had learnt from the digital pack helped me to remain calm in a situation that was very out of my control.


Thank you positive birth company for giving me the strength to go through this 💛💛💛


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