Birth Story - Soraya and baby Noeila

My positive induction birth story.

After my bile acids levels rising from mild to severe despite being on medication, I went in for further monitoring at 37 + 6 - after the monitoring they said I had a bed on the induction ward. I used the BRAIN philosophy and told them I wasn't ready yet, I wanted to go home prepare my bag properly, say bye to the boys and let them know what was happening, have a shower and stay in my positive frame of mind as I was planning a home water birth.

I went back in at 7.30pm and had the propess inserted about 8pm on Wednesday 13th June. Taken up to the ward where I read magazines, ate food, listened to the positive affirmations and got some rest. They advised to be on the monitor after 4 hours which I accepted, but said I did not want to be woken every 6 hours for observations so I could rest properly.

After a good night's sleep come 11am my period pain type surges started and continued all day about 4/5 mins apart… I coped the whole time walking, using up breathing and using my positive affirmation cards reading them time and time again and bounced on the birthing ball! I was encouraged to have an examination, which I refused as I saw no real benefit, I was told I had to as that's how they determine how you're progressing, I refused stating there would be no benefit to having an examination at this point as I was coping fine with my up breathing. Come 8.10pm on 14th the propess needed removing, I had some clary sage and ylang ylang on a tissue to smell which also helped!

At about 9.30pm me and my hubby went to the bath on the induction ward, I had jasmin aromatherapy oil from the midwife, took in my battery tea lights, turned the lights off and played all of the mp3's from the digital pack - I was so so calm and relaxed and still breathing through the surges. When we got out I had 2 paracetamol and accepted an examination as I feel the surges had intensified… I was told I was about 2cms - but still not soft and cervix was quite long still! I didn't feel downhearted, I lay on my left hand side whilst being monitored (I accepted more than originally thought, due to the medical nature of my induction) after about 15 mins an almighty pop and my waters broke.

From waters breaking to delivering her, was 1hr 15mins she was born at 12.55am on the 15th June I used gas and air and was on all fours over the bed even though I was on the monitor - the down breathing happened naturally without even really having to think about it. As with my 2nd I had a wobble during transition. Her heart rate dipped at the very end and she was born with her hand against her face the silly sausage.

My hubby was amazing and so much more a "part" of this labour than my other 2, keeping me calm and relaxed and reminding me of the key points of the course. I defy anyone to not be able to take something from this course into their labours that will aid them. It's the best money I could've spent… to all those who's plans don't go according to plan whether it be induction, c-section etc know that it can be positive and it can be done - we are over the blinking moon.


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