Birth story - Sorab, Inna and baby Alexander


My wife, Inna gave birth to our son Alexander in the comfort of the Birth Centre with only gas and air, TENS machine and Hypnobirthing. Here is a summary of her very positive birth story.

Her waters spontaneously broke at 1am on 3 July whilst in bed. So she called the birth centre who advised us to come in for a check to see if things were starting! We made our way in and the midwife confirmed this. We were advised that if labour didn't start within 24 hours then an induction would be necessary meaning moving to the Labour Ward! We knew this was not the path we wanted to go down so we made sure the next 24 hours things progressed quickly and naturally.

We went back home where Inna took some rest and relaxed with a hot bath and our beloved hypnobirthing scripts and MP3s to keep the oxytocin levels flowing. The first surges came quite quickly after that and my wife couldn't go back to sleep. She used her up breathing techniques throughout to make sure they passed with maximum ease. Each surge meant she was suffering with diarrhoea and vomiting so we called the Birth Centre again who told us to come back in to give Inna an anti-sickness injection. She tried to relax but went in for the injection to keep her energy levels up as she couldn't eat or drink.

On the second arrival, she was also offered a vaginal examination which she initially accepted but found it to be too uncomfortable and stopped them. Because of the sickness the midwife admitted us to the room but said this is usually the early stages and things may not progress quickly. I was on hand to support Inna with a hot bath, TENS machine and some relaxation scripts. We also decorated the room with fairly lights and room spray. Inna also managed to hold down some nice snacks and energy drinks.

Inna always wanted to be as mobile as possible and didn't lie on a bed. The midwives were getting frustrated with her progress but did assist throughout the labour. They felt that without any internal examination, she wasn't even dilated going by the strength of her surges. We soldiered on and halfway through my wife requested to be moved to the birth pool and even pondered on having an epidural to speed things up!

However, before this, she asked for another examination as she felt baby was not far away. The results showed, to all the teams' surprise, she was 8cm dilated and baby was ready to begin his decent.

She breathed baby down with every surge with the big help of her natural pain relief, in fact the only drugs she took were two paracetamols, and massages from the midwife. The one pool for the whole centre was unavailable so Inna ended up giving birth in her Upright, Forward and Open position on the room's sofa. With my support the total 15 hour labour went by actually fairly swiftly. So at 15.58 baby Alexander made an appearance and was immediately given to mum for some valuable skin-to-skin time. After this golden hour Inna wanted a natural delivery of the placenta but because of high blood loss she took the injection and within a few minutes it was also delivered. After final checks, she did not require any stitching thanks to the perennial message, yoga and pelvic exercises she practiced regularly before the birth.


She was told by the midwives that baby was on the small side and had to be transferred to the labour ward. In fact the midwife later suggested if they knew of his small stature before hand, Inna would have been induced and not allowed to be admitted to the birth centre. Alexander was monitored there for the next three days before finally taking his first journey in the big wide world.

To summarise, the whole process from pregnancy, labour and delivery was an incredible life lesson for us. We now enjoy the presence of our little family member and hope this story encourages those of who are having children.



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