Birth story - Sarah and baby girl

I’d had a few Braxton Hicks in the days leading up my waters breaking but nothing too serious. At 5.30pm on the Friday afternoon whilst trying to persuade my tantruming toddler to get out of the car I felt my waters go very slightly. I then proceeded to make her dinner, eat myself and get my husband home from work as quickly as possible. The period pain feeling started at this point so I knew this was the start of it so called my mum and MIL to get them over to cover childcare and spent some time bouncing on my ball with the TENS machine on sorting out a few bits to take my mind off it.

I went upstairs after a short time to try and rest but the surges were now a lot stronger when laid down so I decided on my original plan - sat backwards straddling the toilet (lid down!) with a lovely big pillow and candle light and this is when I plugged in my headphones and started to listen to the positive affirmations MP3 on repeat, breathing through each surge and timing them on an app. When they got to about 5 mins apart my husband called into the hospital to say we were coming in.

The drive in took about 35 mins throughout which I was listening to the positive affirmations MP3 on repeat, timing the contractions and snuggling into my pillow eyes closed.

It was a bit of a walk to the MLU room but I figured it was probably good to walk it out a bit so waddled down and stopped to breathe through each surge en route.

We got there at 11.45pm and the midwife met us, read through my quite extensive birthing notes and asked if I wanted to be examined. I was curious so agreed and she then asked if I wanted to know which I did and was amazed to find I was already 8cm dilated.

Relatively quickly after that I could feel the transition and the need to change to down breathing. The surges picked up in speed and power at this point so having the positive affirmations MP3 on repeat was invaluable for refocusing my mind during each surge and stopping any panic. Also I found the understanding of the biology really helped to contextualise what was happening.

The baby got a bit stuck on the way out - she was literally crowning at her eyebrow level for a while and this was the only time the midwife stepped in to focus me on pushing as her heart rate had dropped. She also brought someone else in to assist and this was when I lost a bit of focus as was worried about the baby and had in my previous labour my contractions had dropped off in intensity leaving me pushing for hours. I shouldn’t have worried because after several attempts and rocking her out and back in (was thinking of the kneaded dough analogy at this point!!) out she came! I was knelt leaning over the bed so brought her up to my chest as far as the umbilical cord would allow but it was quite short so awkward for the few minutes we left the placenta to drain. Once it was cut I lay on the bed with her on my chest and delivered the placenta (needed the injection in the end due to blood loss). I had a tear but didn’t feel it at all so needed some stitches.

The midwife throughout it all was brilliant. Really respectful of the hypnobirthing, kept in the background and only intervened when absolutely necessary. She played the perfect role.

I still can’t believe I delivered a 10lb baby with a TENS machine, breathing techniques & no pain relief!! 💪💪

I truly believe that was £35 well spent! The understanding of the science, breathing techniques and having those positive affirmations on repeat were absolutely responsible for a clear and focused frame of mind. Chalk and cheese compared to my last labour.

Thank you so much - I’m recommending this course to everyone I know!


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