Birth story - Mum and baby Alice

My little girl Alice was born at home on my birthday (Monday morning) she is my second hypnobirthing home birth. My little boy Elliott was born at home 3 years ago so I had already done a hypnobirthing course with KG hypnobirthing. It was fantastic and worked brilliantly. This time I bought your book and the little pack of positivity and Freya...just to add more tools to my tool box as you say! 

I woke up at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep I had a weird feeling something exciting was going to happen...It was very strange. Then I started getting a slight twinge in my back around 2am but it was almost “wave” like so I thought I’d just turn Freya on anyway just incase... by 3am I was certain they were surges but very faint but consistently every 5 minutes and 1 minute long (thanks to Freya for this as when I use hypnobirthing I relax so deeply I loose track of time and place and completely go into myself)

I woke my husband at this point and he stroked my back for abit and we decided at 4am to call the midwife and my mum to come and look after my little boy. My husband sprayed room spray, lit candles and started to fill the pool whilst I listened to Freya and bounced on my ball. Freya told me at 4.30 that I was in established labour so my husband called the midwife again just to let her know and she said she was almost with us and had already called midwife no.2 who was also on her way. Midwife arrived at 5.30 and examined me...she said I was 6cm but that my waters were absolutely bulging and that she thought when they went that baby would come very very quickly so we should move to the pool. My husband topped it up with hot water and I got in it at 6.30 whilst my husband made the midwives breakfast I just chilled listening to my music in the pool it was lovely. I wasn’t convinced my surges were very strong and thought it would be ages before she came! But then I had a bit of wobble thinking “I can’t do this” and recognised it immediately as the start of stage 2 and asked my husband to get the gas and air ready!

I then felt an almighty popping...and a huge gush at 6.45 followed by two back to back almighty surges and her head was out...much to the midwives surprise who came running in from the kitchen at hearing me call her head was out. One surge later and I caught my little lady. 

I didn’t think I could top my first experience but this one was even was actually enjoyable! I feel really sad that my husband is packing my pool away and the whole experience is over! So thankyou for the confidence boost and for Freya!! I only wish every woman could give birth this way.️



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