Birth Story - Michelle and baby Elsie

I feel like I need to tell you all about my positive birth story!

This was my third pregnancy and although my previous births were ok this time the thought of giving birth again scared me. I stumbled across the positive birth company on Instagram at 36 weeks. What did I have to lose, purchased the course worked through it, I brought the room spray, listened to the mp3s, did everything recommended. However I couldn’t help but feel I’d failed the course and would be no calmer than previous births.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Monday 18th June 40+4 I went about my daily chores etc, no signs, teatime my surges started I thought they were just BH, until they started to get stronger whilst trying to watch the football. 9pm I went to get ready for bed, that’s when had to start up breathing, by 22.30 my waters went and I had my ‘show’ shortly after, I tried listening to the MP3’s but couldn’t concentrate, my husband ran me a bath, it felt lovely, but my surges intensified and my muscles were just starting to push. Still feeling like I’d failed the course I dropped to knees and bent over the bed, my husband phoned the MLU, the midwives were about 20 minutes from the unit, by this point my body just started to push, I had hit the transition! I knew I wasn’t going to make it downstairs let alone to MLU. My husband used his BRAIN and called 999. I let my body do the work, my husband delivered our baby girl on our bedroom floor at 00.25, Tuesday 19th June, way before ambulance crew or midwives arrived, we were able to have a physiological 3rd stage before medical staff arrived.

Midwives cleaned us all up and did all necessary checks, I had a small tear and had some stitches. When I mentioned the hypnobirthing course to the midwives and how I felt like I’d failed, they made me realise actually I hadn’t, I had delivered my baby and received numbing injections in my most sensitive parts (apparently they would normally offer gas and air, but they didn’t have any) without pain relief just my up breathing and down breathing.

We were able to climb into bed at 4am, with our beautiful baby girl Elsie Sophia, our family of 4 turned into 5 and nobody had left the house. I feel like superwoman and am still on cloud 9.

I would recommend the digital pack to any pregnant mum and to all those that feel like you have taken the course in, you have, your body knows what to do, I’m proof of that, and I have to say it’s been the best experience of my life!! Thank you Siobhan!


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