Birth story - Mellissa and baby Frankie

“Unplanned” homebirth

I have unplanned in inverted commas because I had always dreamed of having a homebirth but told myself I would rather be in a unit because birth terrified me.

As it was I could not have been more relaxed and enjoyed every minute of labour with thanks to the PBC.

On Friday the 3rd I had woken up early in the morning to what I thought was some Braxton Hicks (this was the first time I felt them, so was guessing), in hindsight they were the start of contractions as they came very regularly and grew in intensity before coming to a abrupt end around lunch time. I then began to lose my plug in dribs and drabs throughout the afternoon and called my partner (William) to say that I think it’s all go this weekend.

I woke up around 6am on Saturday 4th after the most amazing sleep I had in weeks, knowing that today was going to be the day I would meet my little girl.

The surges started around 7am and with the help of the Freya app I was able to stay calm and enjoy it with my partner. I had messaged my midwife in the morning and she asked me to keep in contact and let her know when the contractions are lasting 1 minute and 2-4 minutes apart. Once I got to the point where Freya and my partner were saying we should head to the MLU, I was so calm and in no pain at all that I didn’t believe it.

My partner called the midwife to let her know I was having surges consistently, she asked to speak to me but I was in the midst of a surge and needed to concentrate on my breathing. She told William that she would meet us at the MLU in 20 mins and because we only live a 2 minute drive away I had a bit of a wobble where I convinced myself that she didn’t believe I was as far along as I thought.

William and I lay down on our bed for 5 minutes after he had done a last minute check of everything , and just as I was about to say to him “this is a big one” as I felt the surge building- my waters burst. It was a full on pop and huge gush with me jumping off the bed and running into the shower in the en-suite.

William asked if I was ok only to be meet with (for the first time during labour) a very panicky Me. I told him to call the midwife and get her to the house immediately as this baby was coming.

The midwife turned up 5 minutes later, examined me and looked me in the eye to say “you are fully dilated, are you ok with this happening here”.

Turns out I was not a silent/calm labourer like I always envisioned🤣. My partner William was incredible and held me the entire time, he knew exactly what I needed and when, by just watching my face and where I was looking (water, choc, facecloth etc). The midwife and her back up where amazing at keeping me moving and changing position to keep it all progressing.

About 20 mins into pushing I realised that I was holding back, and had to give myself a pep talk about giving myself over so that I could meet my wee girl.

20 mins later I felt that ring of 🔥 and knew that this was it. I gave it everything I had and felt Frankie’s head crown and move down. My midwife then urged me to stop bearing down and just breath her out, that was the most amazing feeling ever.

Next thing I new I was holding my baby girl in my arms laying on my bed with William. She latched on straight away and the placenta was delivered naturally shortly after.

I had to be transferred for a 3a degree tear, but I couldn’t care less. I had the most amazing experience and it’s all due to this community and all the tools the PBC sets us up with.



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