Birth story - Megan and baby Isabelle

At 40+4 I went to the maternity assessment unit with reduced movements, after monitoring baby seemed fine but my blood pressure was high. They were super keen to induce me, which I really didn't want, but after using B.R.A.I.N we agreed. Luckily they gave me an examination which showed I was 2cm dilated so said they would give me a chance to get things going on my own but that I'd need to stay on the ward. I was really positive that I could get things going myself and avoid induction (which I did!).

I spent the night and next day in hospital staying active, eating out, watching comedies on my iPad and listening to my fave music and the positive affirmations.

At 4.20am I felt a big pop and jumped out of bed to my water gushing, I told the midwives and my surges started just 2 mins apart which was intense but definitely bearable with the up breathing. My boyfriend hadn't been allowed to sleep on the ward so I asked if I could call him to come in but they said I'd have to wait until visiting hours (8am!). I knew things were happening too fast to wait until then so called him anyway and told him to come in. 😂

At this point they took me to a delivery suite where a midwife told me I'd be put on an induction drip, I flat out told her I didn't need this and knew I could carry on on my own without it. It turns out because id been on the ward they'd assumed I'd had the pessery so “would have to have the drip” but after a bit of arguing by myself, in between surges, as my boyfriend was still on his way, she checked with a doctor and agreed I didn't need it but sent me back to the ward.

I spent the next 3 hours on the ward having more intense surges which felt almost on top of each other but got through them by repeating the affirmations, using up breathing and light touch massage from my boyfriend.

At 8.30 I felt something change, suddenly there was loads of pressure in my butt and I started making really loud noises through the surges, I felt so bad for the people on the ward waking up for their breakfast hahah so got my boyfriend to call over a midwife. They didn't believe I could be at the pushing stage already so said they'd have to examine me, I agreed if it meant I could go in a private room.

The midwife didn't even need to do an examination as when I made it onto the bed she realised she could see my babies full head of hair so frantically wheelchaired me round to the delivery suite. Luckily I had a much nicer midwife this time, I obviously didn't have a chance to get a pool filled up so leant over the bed on all fours which felt really natural. I'd taken plastic candles, wireless speakers, room spray too but this all went out the window, I didn't even ask for the lights to be dimmed as the sun was rising which felt perfect.

At 9.30am exactly, Isabelle Olive was born after just 5 hours of labour (about 50 mins pushing) with a tiny bit of gas and air. I actually enjoyed the pushing stage, I used the down breathing which felt great and found it amazing that I could feel her moving down with each surge.


Afterwards my midwife kept stressing that I should have had a home birth as I did so well. We were sent home just 4 hours later too as we were all so fine. If I hadn't have done this course there is no way I'd have got through such a fast labour without panicking, without pain relief or that I would have stood up for myself when I knew my body, I can't stop telling people about it and how amazing it made my birth!!



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