Birth story - Megan and baby girl


I did try to keep this short but see now why other posts are so long!! I was in two minds about sharing my story but it is exactly the type of story I needed to read in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, many of the stories which popped up on my feed leading up to my birth experience were those who had over come problems/obstacles or ladies who managed to achieve positive births 2nd or 3rd time around, while it is fabulous that this course can help you when things don’t go according to your preference, looking back this did lead me down the track of believing that the course would help me achieve a positive experience but that it would inevitably go off course from the birth that I hoped for. I bought the online course after discovering it by accident, I never felt nervous about birth, for a person who has suffered from anxiety it surprised me how laid back I felt about birth and how my whole attitude changed and how relaxed I felt during pregnancy (supported by this course and pregnancy yoga🧘🏼‍♀️) but I was constantly disheartened by the amount of mothers who rolled their eyes or laughed at me expressing my plan was to attempt a natural birth and of hypnobirthing - a course they understood only to be breathing techniques, I kept reaffirming the affirmations in my head a lot!! And reminded myself that everyone’s story is different I would just have to wait and see how my story would unfold.

I was lucky enough to have a fairly straightforward pregnancy, I had a slight blip at 37 weeks when my iron levels fell on the cut off line which meant I would not be able to go to MLU I had planned to, luckily I managed to get my levels back up in time for my MW appointment at 39wks, everything was back on track and just a case of waiting for my baby to let me know it was ready.

At 39+2 I had irregular surges overnight, the next night felt more like period pain, with nothing happening thoughout each day i continued with odd twinges here and there all week, staying relaxed just waiting for things to progress although excited that it was going to be soon. At 40+1 at around 10pm surges started, stronger than those earlier in the week but not painful and no need to breathe through them I went to bed knowing that if this was it, it was important to try and rest! Throughout the night the surges became stronger closer together and I was up and down to the toilet all night (sometimes unsure if I was going to wee, poo or be sick but often neither) I got very little sleep and from 4am with my partner sleeping obviously, I decided to try the tens machine, one thing which did worry me was how much this course is aimed at partners (great for those who want to be involved) but mine like many others I have read about didn’t get it and although promised to watch the videos “when he had a minute” only managed one or two! I was concerned without support of someone who understood the course I wouldn’t be able to keep my focus once things stepped up a gear! I needn’t have worried, it was me that needed to do this and everything I needed came from within but it was nice to have him there to hold my hand when I needed him to.

At 7am I got up my partner ready to head straight to hospital but with surges still just 10 - 15 mins apart it wasn’t time. I had breakfast and a bath but realised that surges had slowed to 30-40mins wondering if this was just another trial run I sent him off to work. Had a quiet morning to myself and decided to attempt an uncomfortable walk across the field with the dog, then sat down with some lunch and day time tv and the surges were back, no build up this time just straight back to 10min intervals I started to time and keep a record, they gradually got closer and at 5 mins apart I rang my partner to come home, being alone made them feel stronger and I felt myself questioning how difficult things were going to build up to.

I was using the tens machine again but still on the lowest setting. I rang the MLU who said I was welcome to go in but as I live 30mins drive away they didn’t want to have to send me home again so suggested holding off for another hour, things continued but still at the same pace and timing surges 4-5 mins apart, having read to stay at home until 3mins apart I continued walking around at home or by this point stood in one spot rocking from side to side. Two hours after calling in I started to get irritable and didn’t know where I wanted to be, I had been standing for a long time so decided to have a lie down on the bed, after getting comfortable and a couple of milder surges I could feel myself nodding off but this didn’t last long and stronger surges arrived. That was it I was ready to make the journey into hospital and find out what stage I was at, I got up and went to the bathroom but as I lowered myself onto the loo *POP* went my waters! I knew then I was ready for hospital and relieved that things were progressing.

I arrived at the MLU at around 5pm I walked in and up the stairs the MW showed us to a delivery room and examined me, my heart sank when she paused and stated she could not feel the cervix... the thought of being told I was only 1cm and being sent home filled me with dread “oh there we are that’s fantastic” the midwife announced, 8cm!!!! I couldn’t believe it. The next few hours were a bit of a blur I stood UFO with my head down on some pillows breathing through each surge now much stronger and intense and using the tens machine up a few levels and the boost button for each surge my legs shaking I couldn’t hold myself any longer so got onto the bed but stayed on my knees (UFO) my MW was exactly what I needed she was there as reassurance and listened in to baby’s heartbeat between surges but she left me to do what I needed to do and didn’t interfere too much.

Soon I could feel my stomach turning the same as feeling your about to be sick but I knew from the course what my muscles were doing, and was ready to meet my baby! I used the down breathing but did also feel the need to consciously push, I had a tight grip of my partners hand but was thoughtful of not gripping too tightly as I needed to use my strength to push my baby out, my MW stated that baby’s heart rate had dropped slightly and she wanted to check again after the next surge I knew from the course that if I relaxed then my baby would so I took some longer slower breaths and tried to think calmly and positively this was not going to be where my story went wrong! The MW listened in and was happy so with the next surge I continued to push along with my body and a head was out, then we got a great surprise when out came this beautiful loud cry! It was the most amazing sound and strangest sensation to feel your baby cry but it was all I needed to go with the next surge and meet my baby... a baby Girl!🏻7lbs 7oz at 19:57 (less than 3hrs from arriving at hospital) A little surprised as, although we didn’t find out the sex, we were all convinced she was going to be a boy but overjoyed non the less!

And so proud of myself. I did it!! My partner wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t been there to see it. I couldn’t wait to tell all those doubters that I did it! I want to tell every expectant mum (especially first time mums) it is possible! it isn’t easy but it is amazing and if I can do it then you can too! Believe in yourself, believe the affirmations they are all true! Believe that no matter what happens how your story unfolds will be right for you and your baby and as long as you end up with an experience you describe as positive then £35 very well spent!

Thank you to The Positive Birth Company and Community for helping me achieve the birth I dreamed of, and I’m sure also the reason I have such a calm happy and relaxed baby she is perfect!


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