Birth story - Megan and baby Charlotte


With my first birth in 2015 I was induced and there were complications for myself and my son. After completing this course it made me realise I hadn’t fully dealt with all the emotions surrounding that birth and actually I could use some tools to accept and move on from that. Thanks to Siobhan I felt much more informed, in control and positive about this birth.

After spending an evening socialising with friends and talking about how I am now 40+5 along and I don’t think it’ll happen for a while yet (despite a stretch & sweep earlier in the week) I came home to my husband and son and went straight to bed around 11:30pm and woke with a shock at 12:35am with a pop of my waters whilst in bed. I ran to the bath and stood there to check the waters were not stained (they were fine) and called my husband who called the hospital.

We went to the hospital around 2am, once my mother in law arrived to stay with our son, and I was monitored and was advised to go home and relax and try to rest as my contractions were quite irregular and mild. The midwife also booked me in for an induction 24h later as a precaution but she didn’t think we would need it. We made our way back home around 3am and I sat on the birthing ball (being UFO was SO much more comfortable for me!). At 7am I decided to have a bath and spent about an hour relaxing with lavender and my calming playlist. I felt so incredibly at ease and managing the contractions well (they ramped up a bit when i got in!) something I never experienced when in labour with my son! Around 8:30/9am I felt the contractions get stronger and I began to struggle to talk through some of them, we called the hospital and they advised to come in but be aware we may still be sent home.

Sitting in the car in rush hour traffic was not overly comfortable however, the up breathing helped me tremendously! When we arrived the midwives were reluctant to examine me due to my waters already being broken however, they decided because my contractions were strong and regular they examined and I was 3/4cm dilated. That examination was around 10am and after that they advised I go home, I used my brain at this point, as I didn’t feel as though I would make it back to the car and home as my contractions had really ramped up!

The midwives were so supportive and amazing at telling me how well I was doing with my breathing through contractions I think they knew I wasn’t leaving, so they agreed to pop me in a room to settle in. It happened to be the most beautiful birthing suite in the hospital complete with lovely wall murals and birthing pool. They asked if I would like a water birth, I was honest and said I didn’t think the pool would be available so I hadn’t thought about it but yes as we are here I’d like to try.

I was largely left with my husband to manage contractions which was great because I could focus on my breathing with him doing light touch massage. At around 11am I was struggling a lot more with pain and I asked for some Codeine which unfortunately made me quite sick (I won’t be having that again!). At 11:30am the pool was filled and I got in with such relief. The warmth was lovely I felt my body instantly change.

Within 15 minutes of being in the pool I could tell my contractions had changed and I did have a little wobble and my student midwife got the gas and air for me. With one deep breath I suddenly had the urge to push, my midwife came in had a quick look with a mirror and very happily said “let’s just have a baby then shall we?” I will admit I was quite shocked because less than an hour ago I was only 3cm and suddenly my body was ready! During the pushing stage I tried my hardest to down breathe but I struggled a bit because of the pressure and using the gas and air was more effective at this point.

With less than 15 minutes of pushing (and only a few wobbles from me as she was crowning!) my baby girl was born in the water with our calming playlist on in the background, she was born to the theme tune from Disney’s Up! movie. Her cord was wrapped around her neck twice but she recovered so quickly and wonderfully. We had delayed cord clamping in the water and she breast fed when we were both out of the water (after I gave birth to the placenta) We were left alone for an hour to just be together and it was absolute bliss (again something I never experienced with my first)


My husband was really supportive the whole time reminding me which breathing to focus on and the massage. I really was grateful to have him there and him being aware of my needs from the course.

I had a very small 1st degree tear (nothing in comparison to my first birth!) and it didn’t require stitches.

I really believe hypnobirthing gave me so many tools to use in labour and I have recommended to all of my friends having/trying to have babies. I can also highly recommend a water birth (if you are able to) in comparison to my previous birth this was so much quicker, less intervention, less medication, easier recovery, more relaxing overall. Honestly, if you are given the pool- jump in!



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