Birth story - Marian and baby Piper


I got the digital pack probably by week 25 or so, and started watching constantly! I absolutely loved it and it made me so calm about everything.

We had a huge camping event going on during my due date and ongoing, so I was dancing and walking a lot the whole time! At about 5pm on October 1st I started having really mild surges (up until this point I had never felt even Braxton hicks), so I kept walking and danced that night at 7pm for a while as well. At about 11pm they started picking up a little and so I decided to go to bed...that did not happen as they picked up a lot after that!

At about 1:15am or so I got in the bath and had about 3 or 4 really intense surges. Still thinking they would continue to get way more intense, I didn't call the midwife to come yet as I was expecting hours more of up stage. Very quickly I started feeling downstage surges, thinking it was impossible because the up stage was so short!

I called the midwife and she started her hour long drive out. I was just labouring in the bathtub with my husband encouraging me and reminding me to breath and that I was strong enough and made for this! I never really felt the transition stage, only once I thought I couldn't do it, but immediately I was thinking positively!

At about 2am I got up to go to the bathroom, and felt her head close!! I told my husband and he ran out to see if the midwife was here yet and thankfully, she just arrived! I was on my knees leaning over the toilet bowl holding in to the back for support...breathing her down as much as I could, and after 20 minutes I had to crawl to a blanket they laid on the floor of my parents bathroom so the midwife could hear her heart tones. That was the hardest part, just crawling with baby crowning! Got to the blanket and pushed for another 30 minutes maybe and all the sudden I felt the intense "ring of fire", and most magical moment at the same time, my little girl was here at 3:13am on October day before our anniversary!!!!!

It truly was an amazing birth! I had my room set up with flowers, lights, affirmations, music, and birth pool...and who would have thought I didn't use any of it, gave birth out of water on my parents bathroom floor, and still had my DREAM birth!!! Id like to say I was quietly breathing through everything, but it did get a little loud there for a while haha.

Thank you to the birth pack! It really helped mentally prepare me, even though before hand I felt I wasn't! And I really feel like it was not as bad or intense as so many ladies say!


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