Birth Story - Liz and baby boy

I’m writing this down as I want to do it whilst everything is fresh and I am still riding the wave of post-birth oxytocin euphoria. 

My husband and I did your weekend course in Birmingham when I was 32 weeks pregnant after a recommendation from my friend who had done a course privately. My husband was sceptical but after the course was a total convert who cannot stop telling people about how much sense hypno birthing makes! 

I was utterly convinced that as a first time mother and due to Baby being a boy, he would come late. However, at 1.30pm at 39+6 on 17th June my waters went. I had no clue this was coming and had just settled down to watch some Netflix and relax after a busy Eid weekend! 

My surges started irregularly at about 6pm after we had been for a walk around lovely Tooting Common to encourage them to establish and we went home to try and eat. My surges quickly ramped up in intensity although I controlled them through the up breathing and staying as much as I could within the safety of a dark bathroom on the loo or in a corner of our dark bedroom. I think my husband thought I had lost the plot and he left me to it for a while and watched the World Cup for respite. 

By 9.30 my surges were 3-4 minutes apart and I just knew our time to go to St George’s MLU had come. It was at this point I had a bit of a wobble, I couldn’t provide a urine sample and thought I was desperate for a poo but just couldn’t go and had to be retrieved from the loo by the midwife. 

The midwife told me that based on my behaviour she thought I was too early to be in active labour and I might have to go home. However, I agreed to let her examine me internally just because I wanted to know how far I had come. The MLU were amazing and made it totally clear it was my choice as to whether I accepted the exam or not. The midwife was shocked to find I was 8cm dilated and called a colleague to confirm as they couldn’t believe I had laboured so far at home and was so in control. 

We didn’t even have time to bring in our bags from the car as by this time I was trying to tell the midwives I needed to go for a poo so they realised I was fully dilated and set up the most amazing room with a birth pool for us. They dimmed the lights and set up battery operated tea lights and were so supportive and encouraging. 

I got into the birth pool and have never experienced such a feeling of relief. This, with the support of my husband, made me steel myself for what I knew was the last stage as I could feel his head coming down and kneading his way out. 

I had a slight wobble in what I now realise was transition where I asked for an epidural as Baby began to crown but I used my down breathing and was shocked as my body took over and pushed out our beautiful baby boy. My husband was an amazing birth partner and supported me through this final stretch with affirmations and strokes. 

Our little boy arrived at 1.21am this morning at 40 weeks and weighing a little but perfect 6lbs 3oz. 

I cannot ever express how grateful we are to you for bringing hypnobirthing into our lives, as I didn’t believe as a first time mum this sort of birth would be possible for me as I never thought I had the capacity to tolerate the intensity of breathing out my baby. I ended up with one minor tear which didn’t require stitches, and did not even end up using gas and air. 

The midwives said afterwards they were amazed at the level of control I showed and my focus. This is totally and utterly down to you and the hypnobirthing toolkit. 

Sending you so much love and gratitude for everything!


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