Birth story - Ling and baby girl

A couple of weeks ago I started watching all your free videos on YouTube and downloaded the positive affirmations MP3. I was probably week 35. Pregnant with my second baby.

I was extremely afraid of labour. My first one was painful and difficult. It was an experience I wanted to forget.

I felt that the baby was coming at week 35, so even though I already had great discussion and made a birth plan with the hospital I felt fear.

I started looking online and found your videos. I watched all of them. Downloaded the MP3 and listened to it 3 times.

Last night I felt the first contraction at 10.12pm. It began to intensify an hour later and I listened to your voice while having pain. I kept these things you said in my head, trying to hypnotize myself into really believing:

- Giving birth is body releasing oxytocin so I should feel good
- surges are not more powerful than me because they are me
- it’s like doing a giant poop

These 3 things in my head allowed me to let myself go. I simply felt and let my body tell me what to do. We had a long way to the hospital and I was almost certain that we would give birth in the car. I asked for a towel from my fiancé and he gave me the smallest face towel but I could not be bothered because I needed to concentrate on my body, the pain, the voices in my head.

I played your MP3 once I got into the car. Then I started to feel the urges to push. It was painful but I let it happen. I screamed like an Amazon woman... I felt like a mammal.

When we got to the hospital I asked for painkiller but I was already 9cm dilated.

I got on my knees, I screamed when my body told me too. One nurse told me to quiet down because she wanted to talk to me but I simply ignored her and my fiancé told her to shut the fuck up... nicely :)

Then 10 minutes and a few pushes later she was out. She literally fell out from me while I was on my knees... like a horse giving birth to a foal.


It was the most empowering childbirth experience ever. From first contraction to birth it took 3 hours and I could feel every surges and I felt connected with my baby every time and breathed and screamed my way through it without painkiller and it felt awesome.

I could not thank you enough. I just want you to know that I love you and thank you for the free content you put out there. It gave me confidence and gifted me with the most beautiful experience and bond with my baby.

You rock.
Thank you so much!


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