Birth story - Laura and baby Charlie


Can't believe I'm able to post my positive birth story already!

First time mummy, felt positive leading up to labour having watched the digital pack...a great feeling for someone like me who gets easily anxious and who is a total worrier!

I'd been having frequent Braxton hicks for weeks, however from 16.30 on 28th July, at 37+4 weeks, I noticed them coming a bit more frequently, and started to record them. I'd lost a bit of plug on 27th July and the day before that I'd felt baby drop. Not thinking realistically anything of the Braxton hicks (despite being hopeful), I carried on with my evening, my other half had mates round to watch the boxing!

At 22.30, the BHs started upping their anti and giving me much stronger lower down cramps, 7 minutes apart. My up breathing was sooo helpful here, and I remembered to stay calm and think positively. I called triage who told me to stay at home, it could well be nothing, and to call back if they got down to 3 minutes apart. Within 15 minutes they got down to 2-4 minutes and much more intense. We rang again and got told to come in to be checked - we went calmly as fully expected to be coming back home!

Arrived at triage and was badly having a break between contractions. I accepted an examination and was told I was 7cm dilated already!!! I was asked if I wanted the pool, and I figured I'd give it a go!

Almost as soon as I got in the pool, I was feeling a change, and a lot of lower down pressure. I used gas and air but after a few puffs it made me dizzy, so when I reached the peak, I just breathed and moaned! I had a tiny bit of cervix still covering part of baby's head for a fair while, and it didn't seem to be going! I had a definite wobble and a bit of a cry, and started feeling like I couldn't do it. Swaying and leaning forward was my favoured position and anything leaning back was agony.

Just as I was feeling like I was losing it a bit, the feeling shifted again and my body started pushing. I used a combination of actual pushing and just letting my body push. Most crazy feeling ever. After about 20 minutes of pushing, his head was born, and body followed next.


Both myself and my other half were in tears and so overwhelmed with love. When it was time to get out the pool, my placenta just fell out by itself!!!! We had perfect delayed cord clamping, and other half cut the cord.


We have the most perfect little boy, Charlie. The midwives were amazed at how well I laboured for a first timer!

Thank you so much The Positive Birth Company for helping me to have such a positive, natural birth!



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