Birth story - Kayleigh and baby Felix

The plan: High BMI 45+ VBAC at Home
The result: Unplanned C-Section


My son Felix came into the world in theatre on 4th October. I was a ten month mother it seems. It was my second section despite wanting a VBAC but ultimately, using my BRAIN and now knowing I had a weakened uterus and a hole, I made the right decision at the right time after 8 hours of established labour. Despite things not going to plan I feel amazing about my birth, I know I have some recovery to do but ultimately, I am home and safe and well with a very big baby boy.

There is something incredibly empowering about making a decision for yourself rather than having it forced upon you. The c-section was done at my request as I dilated from 3cm at 10.30am to 4cm at 7pm despite having my waters broken. I would not have lasted that long without my up breathing, TENS machine and the perfect environment.


The full details of my birth story are on my blog here:

I can not thank the Positive Birth Company enough for the amazing education and how helpful all the information, techniques and relaxation scripts were during my pregnancy, labour and birth.

I hope, sharing mine, and despite being against the odds and one of the statistics a little bit when it comes to VBAC I can help reassure you that even if you do have a high risk, a high BMI or a weakened scar, you can still be home, recovering, within days of birth.



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