Birth story - Kay and baby Robyn

Our beautiful girl, Robyn Freya was born on the 10th March 2019. She was born after a planned induction due to reduced movement.

The birth exceeded all my expectations. Despite doing the course, I never believed the experience could have been as positive and empowering as it was. I loved it (still can’t believe I’m saying that).

My waters were broken at 6.30am, I progressed to 6cm by 10am, during this time I swayed back and forth leaning against the bed, breathing through every contraction. By 10am the pain was getting quite intense and I asked for gas and air. At this point my husband stepped in and asked if a bath was available, he knew the water relaxed me and I had a bath every night of the pregnancy. Just by luck, the birth pool was available, I think I practically ran to that delivery room, I was so excited to get in the water.


After only and hour in the water I felt my contractions change from ‘upwards’ to ‘downwards’. I told the midwife who examined me at 11.30 and sure enough, I was 10cm and ready to push. The next hour I went in to a complete trance, I was unaware of everyone around me and just focused on my body and breathing, staying relaxed and trusting the process.

My husband told me afterwards I just put my head down and went in to myself. My midwives were incredible and stepped back and left me to it. They told me to put my hands down and I would feel my babies head. I couldn’t believe it. They calmly talked me though the next two contractions and encouraged me to deliver her myself. At 12.23pm she arrived quietly and calmly. There was no cry, she just snuggled on to my chest and little snores could be heard. We stayed in the water for 15mins before moving to the bed for the 3rd stage of labour.

Thank you for helping me bring our beautiful little water baby in to the world. X


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