Birth story - Kate and baby boy


My first birth was an undetected breech after induction going 12 days over and then second birth was VBAC but with complication with the epidural so I was determined my 3rd birth was going to be one where I was better prepared mentally and for all eventualities.

I can say I had a really positive birth experience, which I attribute to undertaking this course. I bought the course at around 33 weeks pregnant and found the science and what happens around each stage of labour very useful and informative. I started listening to the mp3s regularly and used lavender oil on my pillow at night which I think helped to keep me relaxed throughout the pregnancy.

After watching all the videos I used my BRAIN, and asked the midwife about using the birth centre. In fact, I had only been signed off a few days before the birth by the senior midwife to use the birthing centre as an ‘out of guidance’ birth plan as it was against hospital policy due to the risk of scar rupture following my first birth with an unplanned c-section. I then had a tour of the suite and knew this would be a great place to have the baby.

On Sunday evening some of my waters went (a little at first and then a lot) and I was asked to come in to be assessed. After arranging childcare, we went in, and they confirmed this was my waters and told us the best place to go was home. She said I was definitely having contractions which I had thought were just Braxton Hicks! When I got home, they started to become more regular and intense so I tried to rest in bed, using my ‘up breathing’ and put my headphones in listening to the mp3s. After a couple of hours they became stronger and I searched out my TENs machine. I also got some bleeding and after calling the birthing centre again, they asked for me to come in to check things out. After sorting out further childcare arrangements with friends, we headed back to the hospital. By then, my surges were once every 9 minutes and lasting about 50 seconds. They offered us the option of staying in hospital since it was my third and suggested going for a walk to get things going further but as I was walking down to the room I was having a surge every 2 minutes and decided we didn’t need to walk anywhere! I got into a comfortable position kneeling on the floor in our room by the bed and stayed there for the next hour and a half breathing through the surges and listening to the mp3.

I then felt like they were getting stronger still and I had a bit of a wobble (in transition) with some pressure down below, so asked my husband to find the midwife (they had left us to it peacefully). The midwife came and filled the pool and once I got in I realised it was now the next stage and it was down breathing to get baby out. The water was great and very soothing. I was offered and used a little gas and air at this point but to be honest mostly to bite down on the mouth piece than the actual gas! This part was more challenging than I expected but after about 40 minutes baby’s head was born quickly followed by its body. He entered the world very calmly and quietly and it was a great feeling to do it all on the TENs machine and then the pool with a bit of gas and air.

I am so pleased to have come across the digital pack and for helping me to challenge the hospital policy as well as use the techniques for such a straightforward birth which has meant my recovery has been so much quicker. I would definitely recommend this to any friends who are pregnant. Thank you!


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