Birth story - Kat and baby Sienna Rose

My due date arrived - Friday 1st June and I was so excited and calm. Today might not be the day, but I’d planned on lots of lovely food, films and a relaxing bath. In the bath I read lots of relaxing scripts from Kathryn Graves book and imagined my body getting ready.

Saturday morning came and I knew it was close so again had a nice relaxing day with my partner- walks in the park and a nice lunch with family.

On Sunday morning I woke about 6am with a sensation of opening and I just knew today was the day. I tried to get a little more sleep and woke again at 7 with definite surges and decided to run a bath.

The sensations in the bath stayed strong so I told Jamie, my partner to call the midwives and get ready!

We arrived at the birthing centre at 8.45 with my surges coming a minute apart lasting a minute. I breathed through them after crying happy tears listening to the positive affirmations.


Our midwife was fab and kept checking with Jamie the points in my birth preferences. She was a little concerned about letting me in the pool without checking how far dilated I was, but I think she could see I knew how I was feeling and agreed to run the pool whilst Jamie set up our lights and room spray.

Once the pool was ready and I got in, the surges came thick and fast. I got into my bubble and breathed through them all feeling super calm whilst Jamie whispered to me how strong I was.


Before long, I knew the down stage had arrived. I was getting hot and could feel baby moving down. I started mooing and I knew she wouldn’t be long.

At this point, Fiona my midwife gently told me to listen to her but keep doing what I was doing as I was so calm and doing amazing. Jamie continued to tell me how strong I was being.


I felt like I was getting a little louder and knew it wouldn’t be long. I got to feel baby’s head and felt so empowered- I was doing everything as planned!

Baby’s head was born gently and with a couple more breaths I was scooping her into my arms. I’d done it- baby Sienna was here!


Within 5 minutes she was feeding and I felt incredible. The midwifes told me they’d never seen anyone be so calm and in control giving birth and Jamie was just full of praise.

I’m not someone who takes praise very well, but it was lovely to hear everyone telling me what a great job I’d done. That my instinct of when to get in the pool was perfect and how quickly everything had gone!

Sienna Rose was born at 12.44!

We had our hour of golden time before it was time to birth the placenta. I’d read in someone’s positive story that the loo was the best place for them because it was easy to stay UFO. This worked for me too.

So, what’s left to say, is that I couldn’t have done it without this course, the amazing ladies sharing their positive birth stories, my incredible partner and the midwives being so open and trusting.

Thank you Siobhan Miller for creating an incredible product that is helping so many ladies and gave me the best birth I could have asked for.

Now to enjoy our baby girl🏻


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