Birth story - Jules and baby Callie


My positive birth story which turned out to be the opposite of everything I ‘wanted’ but was equally as amazing! It’s also taken me a while to post...

I found The Positive Birth Company at around 12 weeks. I’d become interested in hypnobirthing and knew I wanted a home birth. We hired a pool and bought a liner etc and we had been practicing all the techniques and I felt confident we were ready!

I’d been having loads of very irregular really manageable contractions for a couple of weeks, then on the evening of Tuesday 31st July at 9pm I knew it was happening at 40 weeks + 12 days! My partner (Jamie) called the community midwives at 01:30am who arrived at our home around 30 minutes later with my close friend and photographer Vikki-Kate not far behind her.


After an hour of her doing paperwork, checking I was okay and my surges really ramping up, I agreed to an examination, and was deeply disappointed to hear I was only 2cm dilated. After another 5 hours of intense surges, lots of relaxing, Friends box sets and giggles with Jamie and Vikki-Kate, the mw examined me again and I was devastated to hear I was still only 2cms. For some reason (which I’m still not sure why) she was concerned the baby would become tired and distressed and suggested we blue light to triage. After asking several questions we decided to go in the car in the end.

Triage examined me, said baby is fine, but recommended that as I was 40+13 we book in for induction that evening and come back at 7pm.

We drove home at 11:30am Wednesday, I had a bath and we all decided to get some sleep. Then 1:30pm I awoke to a huge surge, and it quickly ramped up from there! I wanted to stay at home as long as possible, get the oxytocin flowing and try and avoid induction. Jamie called the community midwives and they agreed to us heading to the Midwife Led Unit, but could only accommodate us until midnight, as I would be 42 weeks.


We ordered a Nando’s and as soon as it arrived, I felt something switch in my body, I started making the craziest of noises and the surges were 2 minutes apart and insanely strong! At 6pm We jumped in the car and drove the short 15 minutes to the hospital (I honesty thought she was going to arrive in the car), we were taken to the MLU where they got the pool ready for me, and then examined me, and I was gutted - still only 2cms dilated!

At this point I knew induction was imminent. I spent the next two hours in the pool relaxing, breathing, and spending time with Jamie coaching me through the surges - I still at this point had no pain relief other than the TENS machine (not in the pool of course). The surges ramped up again whilst I was in there - and I knew I was getting closer to meeting my baby, and didn’t mind how!


I was helped out of the pool, and we made our way to the induction ward (with several super powerful surges in the foyer), where Sarah our new MW met us. She was amazing. I felt so looked after and taken care of, all my worries disappeared. Over the next 8 hours, my waters were broken, then the drip was introduced. I’m not going to lie, it was insanely powerful, but all the techniques I had been practicing really helped and got me through it. As did the AMAZING support of Jamie and Vikki Kate and the mw Sarah. I agreed to two epidurals (the first didn’t work - I would highly recommend them, I felt wonderful and still 100% in control of my self and decisions). I actually had a huge surge as the needle was going in, and knew I had to stay completely still. I bloody did it and felt insanely proud of my self!

Unfortunately baby became a little distressed and her oxygen levels dropped and I was still only 5-6 cms dilated and absolutely exhausted, so at this point, we discussed a C Section and I agreed. It was without a shadow of doubt the best decision for me, and our baby, and I felt very informed and empowered throughout the whole experience. The team in theatre kept me updated with everything they were doing, and I felt safe and in control of my decisions.

At 7:36am Thursday morning 2/8/18, our beautiful daughter Callie was born, 34 hours after it all kicked off. The staff at St Marys were incredible, as was the support from Jamie and Vikki Kate. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Completely in love ❤️


Photos by Ghost Photos


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