Birth story - Jo and baby Poppy


I started with slow labour pains on the Sunday....these were very stop start - although I did feel they were progressing. By the afternoon, the surges had tailed off into nothing. I spent time on my birth ball during the day on Monday (I was having niggles) the same on Tuesday....I bounced on my ball, relaxed and knew I could feel things moving along. By the evening, surges were coming thick and fast. These were manageable using the up breathing techniques. I bounced on my ball. Eventually, I called the hospital just to let them know how I was progressing. They asked that I give it another hour and have a bath which I did.

In the bath, things really ramped up. We headed to the hospital at 12.30 and at 1am I was examined at 4cm in established labour. I had to be monitored due to my blood pressure throughout, which meant I couldn't have my water birth but I remained calm and told them how I would like things to be done....not me just laying on the bed like I was with my first born 12 years ago! This meant that I had a blood pressure cuff on all the time along with the tummy bands to monitor baby. One of the midwives spent most of the labour very close to me 're positioning’ the monitor to pick up the heartbeat. I found this quite difficult initially but knew it was best so got into the zone and managed to block her out in the nicest possible way. I wanted to remain mobile so I laboured on my feet leaning against the bed and rocking along with the birth ball - the ball really worked for me both in labour and the days leading up to it. I used gas and air towards the end of my labour - I didn't want to have this too early as I was managing the surges with the up breathing and didn't want this to upset my flow...I also wanted to feel the full effect when I needed it most. My waters went whilst I was on the ball with an almighty gush at body transitioned immediately and I couldn't get off the ball so with some help I managed to get to my feet and get onto the bed on my knees with my arms over the back of the raised bed. I knew she was body just started pushing. I told the midwife that I needed to remove my knickers...she said let's have a look and see how your progressing. I told them she's coming!! So to everyone's surprise.....she was there ready to come into the world and with a few uncoached pushes....just following the lead of my body, Poppy safely arrived at 5am. We had a physiological third stage and delayed cord clamping along with the "golden hour"


I lost just short of 1L of blood so this was deemed as a haemorrhage.... I was monitored and didn't need any intervention which was great. My blood and iron levels remained ok.

We spent a couple of days in hospital due to my blood pressure but came home on Friday and have been on cloud 9 since.

The online course helped me hugely. My anxiety had been ever present leading up to the birth. The course helped me focus on remaining positive and calm. I felt in control and even with the monitoring, I was vocal about what I wanted and what I didn't and we made it work. The midwives were great. My partner was fab and as you can see, he found labour extremely tiring ❤🤗😍



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