Birth Story - Jessica and baby Alonzo

20 May - My Positive Birth Story:

Baby Alónzo was born this morning 38 weeks 5:38am weighing 7.9lb. I cannot recommend hypnobirthing and a water birth enough!

It all started at 3am for me as I was woken up with a surge which I thought was a Braxton Hick. I was getting them randomly throughout the week so paid little attention to them and just practiced my up breathing. At this point I went to the loo and tried to go back to sleep but 5 mins later another one came. By 3:20am I was getting them every 3 mins and I had a show so we decided we better start heading to the birth centre.

Waited for my mum as she was coming with us and sister to come and look after our son and off we went. Admitted at 4:40am and the lovely midwives had started filling the pool. I requested gas and air as I remember it being my comfort with my first son which they got ready.

Got inside the pool and in less than an hour of us being there he was born! Even though I didn’t get to do all the other lovely stuff like massage and listen to playlists as things progressed so very quickly, I felt so amazing as I helped bring my baby up onto me in the water. The midwifes were so lovely and I felt so in control this time round as with my first I kind of just went with what the midwifes said as I didn’t really know what to expect. All I can say is... breathing techniques, UFO, allowing my body to push when I felt I needed to all made me feel so empowered when I saw my baby boy. Thank you so much!


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