Birth story - Jennifer and baby boy


I wanted to share with you my birth story to express my thanks for the two resources which helped me have a positive birth experience with my beautiful 3rd baby: the Digital Pack and The Freya App.

We were admitted on Tuesday after reduced movements and scheduled for an induction on Wednesday. I was disappointed as I felt that this was going to take away my hypnobirthing plan, but then contractions surprisingly started spontaneously on the Tuesday afternoon, and my husband and I set about making our hospital room as hypnobirthing-friendly as possible from what we had learned from the Digital Pack (dim lights, lavender room spray, music playlist etc).

We managed the first 12 hours of labour with just up-breathing using Freya but were gutted to hear that despite contractions being every 2-3 minutes, I was not dilating due to the baby being back-to-back and not putting enough pressure on the cervix. They said labour I would not progress until we got to Delivery suite for my waters to be broken, but that I wouldn’t get to Delivery Suite unless my blabour progressed!! Catch-22!!

We remained as calm and relaxed as possible, while it took another 13 hours for the hospital to find us a room in Delivery Suite, and if I’m honest, I was beginning to lose all hope of the hypnobirthing water birth I had hoped for. But then, my midwife, who had read my Birth Preferences using the Digital Pack template, pulled out all the stops and got me a room with a pool!!!!!

So after she broke my waters, I got in the pool and delivered my precious boy with just gas and air and up and down-breathing. And it was amazing!!! What I had learned through the Digital Pack had become so ingrained within me, I found that I transitioned to down-breathing automatically before I even realised my body was pushing!! Thank you so much for teaching me all I needed to know to get the birth experience I dearly wanted xxx


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