Birth story - Jemma and baby Alfie


I always had a very active baby and when I went to bed on Saturday at exactly 41 weeks (after a lovely relaxing bath) during the night I noticed decreased movements but poked my belly and managed to get a few kicks so went back to sleep and when I woke on Sunday morning I just knew things where not right and there was nowhere near enough movement. We headed to the hospital (40 mins away so took all our bags) to get checked over. They monitored me and could see baby was moving but still not to my satisfaction and they also did a scan. When they scanned the Dr could see the reduced fluid around the baby and I was informed they would try get a time for induction. I was more than happy at this point as I knew my baby was safer to be born and I couldn't wait to meet him. They had examined my cervix and it was completely closed so a proper sweep could not be done. (I declined a sweep at 40+2 hoping for sponteanous labour.)

The induction - was booked for one hour after reduced fluid was noticed. We went and got some food then returned to start the process. The pessary started working for me more quickly than they thought it would with being a FTM. I was 3cm after 5 hours and at around 2am and was advised to call my husband. I then got to 5cm by 5am during this I opted for diamorphine injection. I then got the second dose at 6am when I was moved to the Labour room. This is the point which I would describe as the worst part of labour due to the second diamorphine - I was completely zoned out couldn't feel any surges, was being sick and did not feel in control and had a few wobbles saying I couldn't do it as well as finding it difficult to communicate and walk unassisted.

For the next 5 hours I unexpectedly did not progress at all. (Next time I will not be taking this drug) thankfully the diamorphine had ran out but I was finding it tough as I had been in labour a long time and decided to enquire about the next pain relief available when it had worn off which was an epidural. This is something I warned my husband that I really wanted to avoid as I knew the side effects. My husband was brilliant at this point and reminded me that I didn’t want it and convinced me I could do this. After that wobble around an hour later they checked me and to my surprise I was 8cm. This really helped to spur me on to make it to 10cm.

I was really happy as I only had gas and air from 10am to 9.30pm as the diamorphine had gone out of my system. I kept reminding myself of the positive affirmations and that I’d get to meet my baby soon. I actually cried with happiness and told my husband we would have our son soon. The midwife commented on how she had never seen someone so happy at that stage! I finally got to the pushing stage which was a total change in feeling and a relief in comparison to the surges.

I kept telling them I needed to push and baby was coming... They kept asking me not to which was so difficult to do. I realised this was mainly due to the position of my baby and several people needed to attend the birth due to complications I was having with babies position.

Once everyone was in the room I was asked to confirm I was happy with getting a cut - (which you definitely do not feel) and that they would have to help deliver baby via suction. I was more than happy with this as per my birth preferences if it was needed. I just wanted my baby to be born safely and calmly.

After 24mins of pushing Alfie was born and placed on my chest but his cord was short and he needed checking over due to his difficult birth so it didn't last too long. He was born with one hand over his head back to back and his shoulder got stuck (was queried for dislocation after birth but he is fine) on the way out too. He had significant meconium at birth and they also queried half way through labour that my waters had broke and my white blood cells where showing signs of infection therefore I had iv antibiotics throughout labour too.

All the midwives where brilliant and I really felt like they all took my preferences on board with dimmed lights the whole time etc. Lots of them mentioned how brilliant I had done and how calm and happy I was through it all. A midwife also commented on how good my breathing techniques where and that I knew what I was doing.

Alfie was 8lbs 13oz and was a big baby for my size and therefore I have been told if I have a baby no2 I will have to be induced at 38weeks. I had several growth scans at the end of pregnancy and all of these showed baby around 7lbs 5oz etc therefore growth scans really mean nothing!

Being so informed about labour, the science, the drugs, using the relaxing mp3s and affirmations and writing birth preferences which covered every scenario I felt could arise were the best bits of the digital pack for me so thanks to the positive birth company.


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