Birth story - Jay and baby Nancy


The first thing I must say is WOW and a huge thank you to the online course which I only completed 50% of before giving birth 9 weeks early.

Baby Nancy was born at 19:38 in Friday 27th July weighing 3lb 15. She is currently in NICU but doing extremely well. It all began at 3:10 on my last day of primary school teaching, 5 mins before the school’s out for summer bell when my waters broke in the classroom . And my did they break, all the way to the staff room and they kept going . At 3:45 we decided to go to the nearest hospital as an ambulance to my hospital would be hours, surges hadn’t started but by 4:20 when my partner rushed into triage I began to feel cramping. By 4:50 I was examined and was 4 cm dilated. The surges really began at this point but the up breathing made me feel like Mother Nature had my back and I could do this . There was mention of slowing down the labour to get in \essential nutrients to baby but my body said no chance. I was rushed down to the labour ward where things really started to kick in. At this point the surges intensified and I lost my breathing but that’s when the miracle of gas and air came along ( I had no birth plan as baby was so early but I knew it was the right thing) I was then able to take back control and her back to my green zone whilst my partner was telling me I was doing great and practicing the one relaxation tool we had tried out once- arm stroking.

At this point I felt immense pressure in my bottom with each surge, it was almighty but amazing as I knew baby was ready to come into the world. I stopped on the gas and air for 2 surges and at 19:38 after 2 pushes my beautiful miracle baby was born.


This was not the birth I expected as previous to this everything was fine and healthy and we had even had a scan the day before ( measuring on the 90 percentile) but bloody hell it was amazing!

Another huge thank you to Siobhan and the positive birth community️



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