Birth story - Hollie and baby Arlo


It all kicked off just after putting my little boy to bed at 7.00 the night before. Contractions started coming every 10 mins and I knew that this was the real deal. I spent the next few hours pottering around getting things ready, put my birth affirmations on and sat on my ball and swayed about. It was a beautiful few hours.


About 12.30 I was having pretty strong surges every 4 mins and decided to call a midwife. They arrived about 1.30 and as soon as they arrived I could feel things ease off... very frustrating. I continued to labour for the next few hours without much change. About 4 am my little boy woke and my husband went to him, he was very upset and wanted me so I told my body to ease off so I could go and resettle him.


whilst laying with him waiting for him to go back to sleep I had 2 strong surges which I had to really focus on to not wake him! I came back downstairs and was very tired by this point. The midwives and I agreed to a check to see progression... only 3-4 cms! I was deflated! They advised having a warm bath taking some paracetamol and getting an hours sleep whilst I waited for things to pick up more. As soon as they left the house my little boy woke for the day.

We had a bath together and things immediately started ramping up! I got out and tried to go lie down but the pain had totally changed and was now pretty much constant. I got stuck on the top step and had a little wobble. My other half rang the midwives saying that we needed someone ASAP. His mum was also called to look after our little one. It took an hour and a half for them to arrive, my little boy was such an amazing support to me in this time as I was very vulnerable. I finally managed it downstairs and could feel baby moving down. I really didn’t want to birth alone so I laid flat on the floor on my side and tried to focus myself again. I kept telling myself, they will be here in a minute and then you can go for it!

My mother in law arrived and took my little one upstairs to play and soon after both midwifes rushed in... just in time for me to have my transition wobble! I had a bit of a scream and a cry and then felt some intense pressure and my waters went with a huge gush! I remember saying ‘whoaaa, that was awesomely intense!’

Baby then started moving down and my body was ‘pushing’ all on its own. I changed position at this point to on my knees. I could feel baby so close and I kept alternating between saying ‘I’m so excited to meet our baby’ to ‘omg this is so intense!’ 5 mins later he came out in 3 proper pushes. I pulled him up between my legs and remember shouting ‘ I did it, I can’t believe I did it!’


I delivered the placenta mins after birth and had a huge gush of blood afterwards.
My little boy came down to meet his brother minutes after him being born.
One of the most intense and amazing experiences of my life, I’m so proud of us all!



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