Birth story - Hester and baby Euan


So having spent many weeks loving every birth story on here I am finally about to write my own! It's a long story for what was a very short birth 🤭

At 40 + 4 my hubby managed to get the Wednesday off work so we dedicated the day to getting the oxytocin flowing. Watching Harry Potter films, eating favourite foods, neck and feet massage, hot bath with clary sage oil etc. At 5.30 I lost my mucus plug which was very exciting but I knew we could still be a way off.

Went to bed early at about 9.30 and then 'pop' my waters went at about 10pm. I rush/waddled to the bathroom as even though I was wearing a pad they certainly gushed! Having changed to heavier duty pad I could see quickly that my waters were green.

We called hospital triage and we're asked to come in. At this point no surges had started so we ambled about getting hospital bags ready and called my friend who was driving us there.

Within about 15 minutes I got my first surge and was surprised how strong it was. Up breathing was amazing plus leaning over and swaying my hips until it passed. I went into 3 in 10 almost straight away and lasting nearly a minute each! It was quite a wake up call! I put the TENS machine on and it was brilliant at giving some relief.

By 11.30 we were at the hospital and the car park was very busy so we knew it was going to be busy inside. In triage they hooked me up to a monitor but I stayed standing through each surge breathing and listening to my calming music playlist. My husband was amazing pressing my lower back through each surge and spraying mio room spray.

The midwife wasn't sure how long I would be monitored for but knew we would be staying. It was a busy night so she told my husband to go bring up our bags as she knew we had been dropped off at the hospital.

I asked if I could use the toilet as I felt like I needed a poo. She unhooked the monitor and after I'd been to the toilet I could feel something between my legs but it did not feel like a head 😳

I returned and the midwife examined me - as she did a foot popped out. Her expression was priceless! Suddenly there were a million people in the room and I was transferred to a gurney. This is where the course came into its own as I stayed super calm with my breathing knowing that my birth was about to be flipped upside down.... Literally!!!

My husband walked back into triage and he recalled the moment saying... 'And I saw some poor woman been wheeled past with a baby's leg sticking out between her legs and thought 'poor thing' then realised it was my wife!!!' 🤦‍♀️😂

Straight off to theatre we went and they were discussing trying a beech birth but the consultant said I wasn't fully dilated so they said a c section was really the best option. My husband and I agreed and before we knew it baby was being brought into this world at 1am exactly at 7lbs exactly!

From my waters breaking to baby arriving was there hours! It was crazy! This could have been a very frightening and overwhelming experience but I knew at every stage thanks to the course what my options would likely be so did not feel out of control or scared at any point. I was shaking from the adrenaline of things moving so fast but felt in control. I was even able to discuss getting my placenta encapsulated before signing the consent form (which they did!) - so proud of myself!

So here is the wonderful Euan who made a speedy and unexpected entrance into the world!


It was still the most amazing experience and I cannot thank Siobhan Miller and the positive birth company enough for making me feel like I could own this experience and for it to feel so magical even though it was so far away from the birth centre water birth I was hoping for.

Mums to be - no matter what happens - you have so got this! 🙌


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