Birth story - Hayley and baby twins


Had a very early surprise with my twins at 31+4. My waters partially went Christmas Eve but managed to not go into natural labour till 27/12 at 3.30am in hospital. (I was admitted from Christmas Eve) I spent till 6am walking, squatting through my contractions just following the breathing techniques. I notified the midwife when I woke because the surges started and I couldn’t sleep through them. At this point I had small amount of blood appear. This confirmed I was in labour and I was taken up to delivery. I was having surges 4 in 10 minutes but I wasn’t aware until that was confirmed on delivery suite. I had gas and air to help me onto the bed and followed breathing with this. It worked for me when surges felt bit more intense but I still felt in control. I just reminded myself of my affirmations and went with it. I was 8cm.

Within two hours my first baby was here. I got skin to skin for as long as they could before neonatal team took him to asses but they did bring him back as he was stable enough to cuddle.

Unfortunately twin two wasn’t ready to be born yet and they couldn’t start my contractions off even with the drip. Babies heart rate was extremely low and they were worried, I agreed to be put under for a c-section. Twin two’s head had moved across and off my cervix, my waters couldn’t be broken because of babies position and then their heart rate dropped. It was the best outcome for their safety and I had the best experience.

I’d birth naturally again. Just amazing!! Both babies are doing well.



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