Birth story - Hayley and baby Aubrey


The day of my labour started with mild period pains, this was nothing new though as I’d been having these on and off for at least a week so I didn’t think anything of it. I went out shopping with my sister and my 3 year old son. After going to a few shops we decided to have our nails done, whilst at the nail shop I could not stop going for a wee (despite the fact I hadn’t drunk particularly much). After having our nails done we decided to have a cheeky McDonald’s. It was there that I noticed the “period” pains weren’t easing off and I felt such pressure down below. Whilst driving home the “period” pains were definitely getting stronger and were coming and going and I then realised that maybe they were contractions. I was induced with my first born so I hadn’t experienced going into labour naturally before. By the time I got home the pains were getting worse but were still completely manageable and the breathing techniques were getting me through each surge (in for 4 out for 8 was my mantra and I just kept repeating it to myself).

I called the labour ward and spoke to a midwife, she advised a bath and a couple of paracetamol & to call back if waters break however when I was asked about baby’s movement I questioned whether movement had declined and so was advised to come in to have FHR checked. After arriving at the hospital the pains were getting worse but were still tolerable. The midwife put the heart monitor on my bump and said she’d need me to try and keep still for half an hour to get a proper reading. I couldn’t sit or lay though, I had to stand and keep moving. She asked if she could examine me to see how dilated I was, I agreed on the basis I could have gas & air (my past experience in my first labour of being examined was the most painful part of the whole process and I would not go through an examination again without gas & air). After getting the gas and air for me she checked me and said I was already 5cm, much to my delight. I felt so proud I’d got to that point with no pain relief and was actually so surprised that I wasn’t in more pain, I had been sure I would be told I wasn’t that far along as the pain was so manageable.

I was transferred over to the birthing suite as I wanted a water birth. I was shown to my room and introduced to my midwife. The pain was now becoming stronger and I asked for the gas & air immediately. I asked if the pool could be run so I could get in. Well after this point things progressed extremely quickly. I had been in the room for less than 10 mins when I had the urge to push (whilst still standing and still wearing the dress I’d arrived in), the feeling was unbelievable, not painful but more powerful. My body was moving my baby down and out independently of what I was doing. The baby was coming! I called to the midwife to check and sure enough baby was there ready to be born. With a few pushes I was handed my baby girl.


The whole experience was surreal and so quick. The first stage of my labour was 21 mins and the second stage only 7 mins. No tears or anything, the perfect delivery! My partner and the midwives couldn’t believe how quickly it had all happened. I truly believe this is because I was calm & had practised the breathing techniques. I had read a hypnobirthing book in preparation for my labour and in my first pregnancy had attended a hypnobirthing course which I had failed to fully put into practice in my first labour as I was induced. I feel so grateful to have got the “dream” labour and the pain was absolutely bearable. Looking back I’d say it was a powerful experience rather than a painful one.



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