Birth story - Hannah and baby Wilfred


Just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Siobhan Miller and the online digital pack which helped us to achieve the amazing birth experience that we had today - as someone who was previously sceptical about hypnobirthing I have to say what we learned through the course was invaluable to both me and my partner and really gave us the confidence and the information to make the best decisions for us as first time parents - and without that I think we’d have had a very different outcome.

Our son Wilfred was born at 6.26am in the morning (very punctually on his due date!) at home as planned, 7lb 14.

The recent closure of our local midwife led unit due to staffing shortages led us to the decision to opt for a homebirth- something I was initially nervous of as a first time mum, but I am now SO glad we did. The positive birth course really helped to give me the confidence to make this decision and see it as a viable option for a first time mum.

So, my waters went with a spectacular gush pretty much bang on midnight last night as it turned my due date, and the contractions started soon after. They ramped up pretty quickly so I jumped in the shower to ease the discomfort whilst my husband set about filling the birth pool and setting up the kitchen with candles, music etc. By the time I got into the pool, the contractions were much closer together so my husband called the midwife whilst I got through the contractions with him coaching me through the up breathing which helped enormously. By the time the midwife arrived, I’d already transitioned and was starting to push, and I had some gas & air at this point.

After pushing baby most of the way out, the midwives realised at the 11th hour that he was, in fact, undiagnosed breech! So, I had to get out of the pool with the baby hanging most of the way out of my body, and quickly push the head out! Definitely the most unpleasant and scary part of the whole thing! Both midwives told me afterwards that it was their first breech delivery - but you wouldn’t have known it, they were both fantastic, did what needed to be done and remained very calm. They called an ambulance but it wasn’t needed in the end - baby arrived safe and sound, so the paramedics just popped in to say hello to baby and then left!


Afterwards the midwives tidied up, helped me into the shower, and left us in peace - and we have had a wonderful day chilling out in our own bed at home as a family.

I still can’t believe that I managed to do it all - have a successful home birth as a FTM, deliver a breech baby, and all with only a bit of gas and air, and one stitch required at the end! I really believe the general positive outlook on birth as well as the specific tools that the digital pack teach played a big part in this and my partner and I are very grateful that we had such a positive and empowering birth experience, and of course a lovely and healthy little boy to show for it at the end.



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