Birth Story - Gemma and baby Harrison

Positive Birth Story - First Time Mum with White Coat Syndrome.

I stumbled across the digital pack on Instagram at around 38 weeks pregnant (so it's never too late), I had always feared childbirth from a young age due to being so scared of needles, I faint at the sight of blood... I can’t even watch Holby City!... and hospitals just make me anxious. But I knew I needed to overcome all this if I was going to fulfil my dream of becoming a Mum... the only title in the world that I’ve always wanted.

So I thought I would try hypnobirthing as an option to keep me as calm as possible.. I watched all the videos back to back... practised my breathing and spent evenings going over the affirmations.

I went 11 days over my ‘estimated due date’ and the group on here gave me such a positive place to come each day to keep the positivity kicking in and hear other women in a very similar boat.

I had tried many of the suggested things to kick start labour... curries, lavender oil, walking, lots of stairs... but my mum finally came to stay (we live 100 miles apart) and I wanted her to be my birthing partner alongside my husband... she finally finished work for the week and on Sunday evening we had a lovely bbq in my back garden... and it must of got that oxytocin flowing!!!

By 9pm I had dull period pains on the sofa... this continued throughout the night, completely bearable making me question if this is really it or not.. and I managed to sleep through a lot of them. I went for a walk in the morning with my husband and by 11am the surges were getting a little more intense... I had my exercise ball, and my breathing techniques and used both of these until 4pm.. when the surges were getting 3-4 minutes apart so we called the birthing unit and they said to come in for a check.. myself, Mum and my husband could not believe it when I got to the midwife led birthing unit and they confirmed I was 5cm dilated and would be staying in. The midwives also couldn’t believe how calm I was.... they were asking if I’d been taking classes etc and I told them all about the Positive Birth Company.

I used my breathing techniques and got in the zone. My mum made the room look lovely, sprayed lavendar spray... I had my favourite drinks and food on hand... the midwives gave me an aromatherapy hand massage... it was like being in a spa! Exactly the atmosphere I wanted and felt comfortable in. I now needed a little gas and air to help me along though as surges were getting quite intense but not painful! I thought of every single one as a step closer to meeting my baby boy.

When the surges got more intense and I was 8cm dilated, I asked to go in the water. Wow. It felt AMAZING... I knew instantly this is where I wanted to have the baby... I had been unsure on the run up. I could not believe I was about to give birth... I felt calm, relaxed and in control.... not what I was expecting all them years leading up to it! Then my body told me it was time... I was quite tired by this point but my birthing partners kept me focused... it was time to change to down breathing... and within around 10 pushes he was there in the water, I grabbed him and brought him to my chest... my precious baby boy! And everyone in the room was crying with tears of joy!

Harrison George Hare entered the world 11 days later than his expected due date... on the 11th June at 11.11pm weighing 8lb13.

Birth is magical and women’s bodies are amazing. Thank you so so so much for making me not fear childbirth and for helping me to achieve the most incredible birth story. I feel so so lucky. And am recommending you to all my pregnant friends.

Who would of thought the girl that couldn’t handle a blood test in October could birth such a chunky baby on gas and air, water and breathing techniques. I still can’t quite believe it.


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