Birth story - Feefs and baby Avery


I was in work on the Tuesday getting twinges in my back and down to my legs, so I got sent home to start my maternity leave. Once I got home the twinges intensified and were pretty consistent for 2 hours and then they stopped completely. All day Wednesday, there was nothing so I enjoyed my first day of Mat Leave. On Thursday morning I woke up at 3am to the same twinges as Tuesday so I got up, watched some Grey's Anatomy and used my timing app to keep a note of what was happening. At 9am I was still getting the twinges and I was using up breathing to breathe through them so I phoned my community midwife and asked if she would come out and examine me.

At 10am I was 3cm dilated and she told me they weren't twinges but surges. Her advice when leaving was to bounce on my ball, which I did, and go for a bath, which I did and to use my TENS machine. At 2pm after sorting out my daughter's babysitter I told my husband it was time to go to the labour ward.

After the 30min drive I was taken into labour ward where they examined me again and I was 8-9cm dilated. My waters were still in tact at this point. The midwives asked if they could break my waters and I consented. As soon as this happened Avery's head dropped and I was pushing. I originally planned a water birth but it was too late for one by the time I arrived in the ward.

After 6 mins of coached pushing due to meconium, Avery was in my arms. I got delayed cord clamping and skin to skin. My husband got to cut the cord and Avery was able to feed. My 2nd stage of labour was very quick but I feel incredible about it. I'm so proud of myself for how calm my labour was despite the fact that there were a lot of people in my room during labour. My husband says there were 5 but I had my back to them all so I had no idea. I breathed through everything and needed minimal use of the gas and air. I ended up with a small graze that required no stitches. My first labour was very different, although not in a bad way, but it did not leave me with the same feelings of pride.


I really appreciate the PBC for all of the information and support that they provide both with the digital pack. I felt prepared for anything with this delivery so was able to be calm about everything.


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