Birth story - Ellen and baby girl

On 22nd May, my “due” date I woke up and had mild pains in my back, as this was my first I had no idea what I was looking out for so carried on the day having very irregular surges thinking nothing of it as it was my “due” date and what are the chances.

By 5pm they were getting more powerful so called my partner home from work and my sister in law round to help out. We then went out for a walk and ended up walking 9.5miles as we just lost track of time talking and laughing about everything! By the time we got home it was 11:30pm and my surges went from irregular to every 2 minutes very quickly!

Got to the MLU at midnight, had my community midwife there as she had just started her night shift! At 3am they checked babies heart rate which had plummeted so had to be transferred to the main labour ward, but I wasn’t bothered as I had my family with me helping me through. As her heart rate was still declining they were considering a C Section, but I accepted an examination and they found I was 9cm so let me continue!

I did start to lose control a little bit, and then all of a sudden I felt really sick, and started to vomit... a lot... all over my partner actually (which looking back is hilarious) and after that I felt the overwhelming need to push, and still at this stage my waters had not broken.

On my knees I began to push, this lasted 40 minutes and at 07:12am 23rd May my amazing little girl was born, still in her waters!

I can’t believe what an amazing experience labour was for me and my family, and how much it’s helped the first few weeks of parenthood. Even though I didn’t get the pool birth I had hoped for, I’m not bothered in the slightest.

I’m now recommending this course to EVERYONE I know!

Thank you so much Siobhan for giving me the tools to conquer the immense anxiety I had about labour and allow me to have a very positive experience

Baby Hallie, born 23.05.2018 at 07:12am after 7 hours in established labour weighing 6lb 11oz and with her sac and waters still fully intact! My little mermaid baby!


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