Birth story - Chloe and baby Fox


I just want to say a huge thank you for the incredible job you do...I had read 'Practical Ways to Make My Birth Better' and recently bought the digital hypnobirthing pack, which my husband and I had every intention of beginning this week.

We had our birth plan to write to help us have the calm, relaxed water birth I had been planning, and were eager to get started! However, our incredible little boy was too eager to meet us and made an appearance seven weeks early, joining us on Wednesday evening by c-section!

The events leading up to that moment - being monitored for signs of early labour, learning I was dilating and finally significant bleeding from what they now believe was the placenta becoming detached - pushed me to my limits and, at times, were truly terrifying. Through it all though, I tried my hardest to keep track of my breathing - even when I lost it for moments, I knew I had to try to calm down and use the techniques I had read about.

My wonderful husband, bless him, even managed to remember the odd bits of information I'd told him about in passing, looking me in the eyes and reminding me to take nice deep breaths and remain as calm as possible, and as I was being wheeled into theatre, he could be found rubbing suncream into my arms as he knew it was my 'happy smell' and that it would continue to remind me to breathe or provide some comfort...and it did. As did just seeing him react the way he did in response to what I needed in that moment, just from listening to me talk about your book. It will stay with me forever.


So, not exactly an advert for the digital course, as we never got round to it! But I just wanted to get in touch and say that even reading into the hypnobirthing process can have a lasting effect on your labour, however your baby enters the world! Thank you again!



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