Birth story - Chelsey and baby Pippa


I had a fairly normal, low risk, no symptoms pregnancy from day one. Very plain sailing. Starting to think it was all too good to be true and that I must have been something or someone really good in my past life haha.

Friday October 12th
I went about my day as normal. Did some shopping with my mum as I was having a baby shower on Saturday 13th. Friday evening I was sat down just tickling my belly and realised that I hadn’t felt baby move as much as she usually would. I shook my belly a few times and left it 5/10 minutes. Had an ice cold drink and some sugar. Nothing. Mum seemed concerned, but I didn’t want to worry too much, but we live so close to the hospital and she said it’s worth just going and getting checked because you know the babies movements better than anyone.

Got to the hospital around 7pm... hooked up. Baby’s heart was fine. Happy and healthy and her movements were monitored and were also meeting criteria. However... my blood pressure came back 160/90 and they found a small bit of protein in my urine. These are early signs of pre eclampsia.

I stayed overnight and was told by doctors on Saturday (13th) to either get induced or come back in 24-48 hours for induction. I chose to go back Monday and enjoy my baby shower with my friends and family. It really helped take my mind off being induced as all along I wanted a water birth at MLU.

Sunday October 14th
I spent my day relaxing with my boyfriend who came home from working away - watching films, eating all my favourite foods and just enjoying my last day of pregnancy. I didn’t want to make massive changes to my everyday life, on this day of all days, so I went by as if it was a normal Sunday.

I also must have read every positive induction story on here about 4 times haha and watched the videos over again.

Monday October 15th
Again I went by my day as normal, with my boyfriend. I Repacked hospital bags, loaded the car, went for a nice meal with my boyfriend and read over the induction stories that I had already read.

7pm I got on the induction suite.

8.30pm pessary inserted and stretch and sweep.

Tuesday October 16th
12am mild cramps started in my back. Found that being on birthing ball really helped.
4am cramps started in the front and shooting pains. Had 2 paracetamol and a hot bath - really helped for like 30 mins.

Things just got more intense - but bearable. I wasn’t getting a break and the midwife said she wasn’t able to examine me until it had been 24 hours!!! I had a massive wobble!!! I was saying to Mum this can’t be normal to have constant pain I need some stronger pain relief. The Midwife agreed to get me checked and I was only 2cm - I had a massive wobble again - but the lovely midwife from the delivery suite said she’d take me in as she could see I needed something stronger.

7am taken to delivery suite and given diamorphine and had gas and air. This lasted a while.

I was checked again around 1pm and I was 4cm. But then magically between 1pm and 2.30pm I went from 4cm to fully dilated and felt like I needed to push. I had another dose of diamorphine.

It was as if my body was pushing the baby not me - my baby was born at 3:06pm. 4 pushes for her head and 1 for her body, but my mum watched and said it was like the baby birthed herself once I did her head.

She was taken straight from, me as she was spaced out from the diamorphine I think, she let out a little cry but nothing else. Midwife called for emergency and all doctors came in.

We couldn’t delay the cord clamping as she needed to be taken straight away and Dad didn’t even get to cut it, but our baby was in the best hands and care and they did what they needed to do.

When she came back in the room we enjoyed some skin on skin and she did with Dad too. We also enjoyed a plate full of toast from our lovely midwife! Baby and I stayed overnight, she spent a few hours in the incubator and we came home the next day

My Mum and partner said the moments after birth were pretty traumatic, but I was hanging over the back of the bed with my back to everything still on another planet from the diamorphine. I would say it was still a positive experience, with my partner constantly reminding me to focus on my breathing, that helped so much.

So from pessary going in until I gave birth it was about 19 hours, but it definitely didn’t feel, or seem, that long when I look back at it.

REMINDER - if something doesn’t feel right always get checked. The Midwife told me if I hadn’t gone in I wouldn’t have ever known my blood pressure was high because you can’t tell at home. My baby must have been telling me and making signs, hahaa girl power!


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