Birth story - Caroline and baby Finley

Before discovering the Positive Birth Company I was gearing myself up for a ‘typical’ medicalised and painful birth experience on the labour ward at my local hospital. That’s just what giving birth meant right?! Wrong! The Positive Birth Company opened my eyes in so many ways, I can honestly say it was a complete game changer for my entire pregnancy and birth. 

As a low risk first time mum completing the course gave me the confidence to go into labour feeling informed about what I wanted for me and my baby and assured that my body knew exactly what to do to bring new life into the world. As a result of watching the digital pack I choose to give birth in my local midwife led birth centre, something I wouldn’t even have considered as an option for me just a few months before.

I started the digital pack at around 28 weeks and used the positive affirmations and practiced the breathing techniques daily throughout my pregnancy, truly believing that my baby would come when my baby was ready. I went in to spontaneous labour at 03:45am at 39+4 feeling so excited about what lay ahead.

The Freya app was incredible and would recommend it to anyone (if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad - borrow one, you won’t regret it!!). I breathed through every surge and laboured at home until 3:30pm requiring only 2 paracetamol to help manage the intensity. I was 5cm dilated upon arrival at the birth centre and used the birthing pool and a small amount of gas and air for the final stretch. With the knowledge I’d accumulated and the positive affirmations firmly at the forefront of my mind I felt totally in control throughout with just a small wobble at the transition when I switched from up to down breathing but thanks to the pack I knew what this was and that it wouldn’t last long. 

Our beautiful baby boy Finley was born calmly into a serene and dimly lit room with the presence of just my husband and two incredible midwives at 00:14am. We were back home tucked up in our own bed by 4am! 

We will forever be in debt to Siobhan and everything she has achieved making hypnobirthing accessible to all - it enabled us to have an incredibly positive and empowering birth experience and we look back on the whole experience with such fondness. From the bottom of our hearts -thank you!


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