Birth story - Beccy and baby Blair


My waters went at around 3pm on Saturday 21st July . I got really excited thinking this was it and started to get surges every 30 minutes or so then 3 in 30 minutes . These soon stopped though and became very sporadic through the night . The next morning I woke and nothing was happening . I tried walking , rocking , climbing stairs and relaxing . They were just still very far apart and no real pattern to them or not lasting for more than 20 seconds or so .

After 24 hours my hospital wanted to induce because of the risk of infection and I decided this was my best course of action . I didn't feel hopeful that things were going to progress naturally for me at home and I wanted the best outcome for me and the baby without us having to spend time in hospital due to infections (I have a toddler at home too ) .


I went to the hospital at 4.00 on Sunday with my husband and had an examination which revealed I was 2.5 cm dilated and the first pessary was inserted . I went for a walk down the corridors and bounced on a ball . I remained UFO at all times and from 5.30 my surges became very strong and every 2 minutes . At around 8.30pm I asked my husband to get someone to examine me as they were not due to come back to me until 10pm and I knew things were happening much quicker . A midwife did another exam at around 8.50 and I was now 7cm dilated !

I was then moved into a birthing room down the corridor at around 9.10 and as soon as I reached the room I had an overwhelming urge to push, I went with it and my beautiful daughter was born at 9.32pm . I had paracetamol through out and gas and air at the pushing stage . It was very intense and happened so quickly but such a wonderful experience and I couldn't have been more pleased with how quickly it all progressed for me.


I do believe an induction was the best decision😀I think my body just needed a little nudge in the right direction and a lot of the work had been done at home with the sporadic surges.



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