Birth story - Alice and baby Alfie

I just wanted to reflect and say thank you for all you offer! I felt like my labour and birth was incredible. I’m Alice, I am 25 and a first time mum and at the beginning of my pregnancy I was really nervous and scared about labour and birth. I practiced hypnobirthing from week 35, I bought your book and the Freya App and listened to it every night. I can honestly say that it truly helped me massively and I can not recommend it enough.

I woke up on Tuesday 4th June at 3am and started to loose my plug, contractions started at 4am and got more and more regular. I listened to the Freya app all day at home and was so calm and focussed. The breathing exercise got me through. I stayed at home until I felt ready to go to hospital. When I called the Hospital asking to come in I don’t think they believed me because I was so calm and able to talk through my contractions. In the end I called and said I’m coming in now rather than asking. We got to the birth unit at 11pm and by 11.15pm my waters had broken naturally. I was then checked and was 6cm. The midwife said she couldn’t believe I was 6cm because of how calm I was.

We then worked through the contractions on a birthing ball whilst listening to my tracks until I got into the birthing pool at 1.30am. I then had gas and air whilst in the pool, my hypnobirthing Freya app played in the background and the mood lighting was all on and I can honestly say it was so calm and relaxing. At 2.48am Alfie was born into the water, it was the most incredible sensation, my body completely took over and it didn’t feel like I was pushing at all, it just felt like doing a really big poo!


The whole experience was amazing and I just wanted to say how I believe it was all down to hypnobirthing and I can’t recommend it enough! In the lead up to my due date it made me feel excited rather than scared about birth, it completely changed my mind set! it really was an incredible experience and I’m so thankful for it! I’ve told all of my pregnant friends and have been spreading the word wherever I am! Thank you Positive Birth company! We have a beautiful boy and a birth story that I can treasure forever!


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