Birth story - Aimee and baby Emma


I am so excited and proud to be sharing my amazing positive birth experience.

I found out about hypnobirthing by accident, after scrolling through YouTube and finding a lady who shared her Home birth video. So I had a google and found the Positive Birth Company. I downloaded the digital pack and was inspired by Siobhan and her amazing videos.

So at around 30 weeks I began practicing up breathing and encouraging my husband to listen to the videos too.

At around 37 weeks I got my first show and on Sunday the 8th I had my first set of regular surges. They lasted for about 2 hours and then suddenly stopped. Bringing with them deep pelvic and back pains. These ‘false surges’ and pains continued to happen daily over the next two weeks.

After two weeks of latent/ stop-start labour I was fed up and frustrated. Trying to keep myself busy, my husband and I went for a meal at my mum’s house on Sunday 23rd September. My mum was excited and was giving me ‘tips’ about starting labour. I took no notice reminding her that baby would come when they are ready. However, I did join in with a bit of dancing to try and encourage baby. Like most ‘induction tactics’ nothing happened.

Well, that was until I got home... at around 6pm I began to get light tightenings starting in my back and moving round to my pelvis. But nothing that seemed uncomfortable.

These tightenings continued for about two hours, after the previous two weeks of false labour I was sure that they would soon stop so was in no hurry.

At around 10pm the tightenings we’re still happening and now they were a little more intense. We went for a walk and I could only make it half way up the street before things ramped up another notch.

I managed to up breath through the surges and decided it was time to phone the birthing centre.

At around 11pm I had arrived at UHCW at their Lucina suite, where I was checked by the midwife. I was sad to find out that I was only 2-3cm dilated and that they were going to send me home.

The midwife explained that latent labour could last for a few days and that I should stay at home, have a bath and try and get some sleep. So off we went back home, not expecting to see baby any time soon.

En route home the surges felt a little more intense but I was able to breathe through each one. By the time we were at home, the surges were becoming more and more uncomfortable. With help from some relaxation music, my liquid yoga room spray and calming words from my husband I managed to focus on each surge and up breathed through each one. I found walking up and down the living room floor helped me to stay focused and in control of my breathing.

At around 4am the surges were getting very intense and a lot closer together, I knew it was time to head back to the birthing centre. So my husband called the lucina suite and the midwife on call seemed a little dubious about me coming back but said I was more than welcome if that’s what I needed to do. I had faith in my body and knew it was time so off we went.

I became a little concerned about the car journey as my surges seemed more intense when I stayed still. However, I remained calm listened to the relaxation mp3 and was able to breathe through each surge.

Upon arrival at the hospital I was rechecked by the midwife who was really shocked to see that I had made it to 6cm dilated and she began to fill the pool ready for me.

The surges were getting very close together by this point and I was offered gas and air which aided me in focusing on my up breathing.

Getting into the pool helped me to stay calm and relaxed and my husband joined me too. He sat on the side of the birthing pool and assisted me with my liquid yoga spray, calming me with positive affirmations and feeding me snacks to keep my energy levels up.


Suddenly at around 6am my surges changed and I got a strong urge to bear down and push. I told my husband that I was moving into the second stage and that my body was pushing. He kept me calm by talking to me and making sure I was comfortable in between surges.

The second stage lasted for about 2 hours and finally after deep down breathing and staying focused and in control I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Emma.


She was handed straight to me and given lots of time before my husband cut the cord.

After delivery I was dried off and we had over an hour of skin to skin contact, where she initiated her first feed for herself searching for my breast.


I feel blessed to have had such an amazing and positive birth, and feel fantastic even 4 days after birth. I feel empowered and so unbelievably proud of myself. I am also filled with so much love for my baby and husband and I’m sure this positive birth experience has brought my new family even closer together. I have a very happy and content baby girl who I feel so strongly connected to and a husband who cannot express his pride in my strength and we are more in love than ever since the birth of our beautiful baby girl.

Thank you Siobhan for educating and empowering me to have such an amazing amazing birth.


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